About Partytrick

Find delight in watching your guests go home more energized than when they arrived.

We believe itʼs more important for our hosts to understand the power of connection with others than knowing how to make it happen. Whether itʼs a big celebration or just seeing some old friends, it's time to roll your sleeves up and throw better parties, with us by your side.

Partytrick was created to empower you to create memorable gatherings yourself, using all the tips, tricks, and secrets we've learned from decades of professional event planning.  

What we value

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    Nothing is more uplifting than spending your time with the right people, in the right environment. There’s already so much joy in whatever brought you all there, and now, no matter what's for dinner, you have the chance to dive deeper into a collection of personalities and people that will inspire you (to host more).

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    Throw the party you didn't know you could throw. And, finally, with peace of mind. We're here, alongside, showing you all the tricks to make you wonder, "Why don't I do this more often?" You have what it takes to give those around you meaningful connections, conversations, laughter, and memories.

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    Here to prove that there is time, space and reason to treat yourself and your loved ones to the finer things in life: a dazzling flower arrangement, a thoughtfully executed menu, or a cocktail that sets the tone just right. Our professional designers are invested in making that fantasy real!

Start the party

For each party, our professional event planners have curated, styled, schemed, and planned so we can hand over everything you need to  know to throw incredible gatherings.

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