How it works

Your very own magic wand to make your event sparkle.

Pick a party

No more endless scrolling on Pinterest – we've got the party you're looking for. Our creatively planned parties cover casual to fancy, festive to low-key, and minimal to maximal occasions.

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Highly curated parties

Created by a team of Vogue & Martha Stewart Living's favorite event planners, our collection of parties brings fabulous gatherings right to your fingertips. Our party concepts go beyond the typical, finding opportunities to make even a basic gathering feel more special.

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Something for everyone

We've designed our parties to work for anyone – whether you know what you're doing or have no idea where to start. Our approach to planning parties saves time, stress, and makes getting people together fun.

Bring it to life

You've picked your party. Now, it's time to shop for the decor and tackle the nitty gritty that will make your party pop. Not to worry, we've gathered all the details for you.

  1. Decor and styling

    We set the scene for you, starting with a shoppable and very Instagram-able moment for your party – we've identified decor items you can buy online to bring your party to life. We also provide you with direction on florals, suggestions on styling, and tips for the little things that won't go unnoticed by your guests.

  2. Food and drinks

    We curate menu and drink suggestions along with recipes that best compliment your party concept. And, we provide up to three menu options to accommodate a range of dietary needs and preferences.

  3. Fun and games

    No bored guests. That's a rule, not a suggestion. We provide lists of games, activities, playlists, and even conversation starters to make sure that everyone is staying engaged and having a blast.  

Plan like a pro

Time to realize you're capable of throwing a party that, well, only the pros could pull off. That's why we've created essential tools to keep you on track, get things done, and keep you from stressing.

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Timed reminders

Our thoughtful reminders are timed to text you leading up to event day so you remember to order the cake and empty the dishwasher before your guests arrive.

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Do you love checking off a box as much as we do? Our checklists are organized by timing, allowing you to accomplish tasks at the right time to keep things on track.

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Thorough timeline

We give you a schedule for the day of your event so you can envision exactly how the day should unfold, allowing your event to go off without a hitch.

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Tips & tricks

There’s more we’ve thought of so you don’t have to including where to put the gifts, how to tell people to leave (nicely), where the tiny fork goes, and even how to get the party started.

Start the party

For each party, our professional event planners have curated, styled, schemed, and planned so we can hand over everything you need to know to throw incredible gatherings.

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