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Two pizzas

Become a Super Neighbor

Invite your new friends, break in your new pad, and make some memories with One Roof's “meet the neighbors” gathering.

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Taco Tuesday

Tacos are best any night of the week. Plan a festive dinner party and relax, knowing that you can't go wrong when tacos and margs are involved. This fiesta is sure to satisfy.

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Pizza Party

Grab your apron and gather your friends for pizza night! Add your favorite toppings, sip on some wine, and enjoy the taste of Italy at home, fuss-free. Unlike your pies, this dinner party can’t be topped!

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Classic Dinner Party

A traditional dinner party that pulls out all the stops, you'll be entertaining your guests better than Martha, with ease.

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Party Like It's 1999

Throw on a slip dress, channel your inner-90s supermodel and get ready to dance on the table.

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Farm to Table

Colorful with seasonal food, florals, and (if weather permits) a beautiful, bundled-in-blankets sunset. Set the stage for dinner and wow guests with these family-style menus.

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Personalized Partytrick

Have your own vision but not sure where to start? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll tailor an existing party to match your vision!