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Picture this: August is wrapping up, and you’re pinning your Polaroids on the wall featuring the many epic laughs you had this summer, simply by inviting friends to gather together. Let us help you make it easy.

If you fall into the camp of thinking the idea of having people over sounds nice, but actually making it happen seems like a lot of work: Think again. We’re here to empower you with what you need, from items to tools, so that hosting does not, in fact, need to be intensive or expensive. Make this summer one where you look forward to having the crew over for the extra hours of sunlight. Our top ideas for how to host this summer 2023, below.

top things to do summer 2023
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10 items to make inviting friends over easier this summer

1. Candles

They’re simple and may not seem profound (debatable)—until you switch out your standard ones for seasonal colors and moods. Not that your tablescape needs to be set to completion, but a few touches of summer here and there transform an ambience. Try these:

Pro Tip: We love tapers! Use a low base for summer so they don’t go flying if the wind picks up.

2. Bud vases

We love this shop for all your bud vase needs: Carrot's Den. Plus, ceramic is easier than glass so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them out.

How to “arrange” bud vases:

  • Pick up flowers at Trader Joe’s
  • Trim them to the right length
  • Scatter buds into vases

No fuss = no worries about knowing how to arrange intricately.

3. Large serving bowls

Summer calls for all of the crisp salads garnished with happy summer fruit. Or lose the salad, and give us all the chopped watermelon. Have you seen how to cut perfect watermelon sticks? Thanks Kalejunkie.

Pro Tip: Use the lids as cutting boards. Talk about multi-tasking.

4. Cloth napkins

The instant a host whips out pretty cloth napkins, there’s an element of "Wow, they’ve got it together." Who knew that’s all it takes… this could be you. Our favorites:

Psst, check out Member Perks for discounts featuring Goldie Home.

5. Water pitcher

With all that running around, swimming, in and out of the pool, or just soaking up the sun in good company, we know the importance of staying hydrated. Made all that much easier when water is within reach in a pretty pitcher. Use less plastic water bottles this way, and set an aesthetic scene with a quality design.

Opt for this acrylic option

So summer can be even more stress-free, sans shattering.

6. Take-out Menus

Who says you have to cook to be a good host? Invite your friends over and pass around the menus. All the people really need is a place to gather. If prepping food isn’t your thing, leave it to the hands of a local spot everyone loves.

Plus: Turn it into a Take-out Party

7. Outside chalk & water toys

To keep the little ones creating all day long (or into the extra daylight hours)! Chalk is washable, bright, and just begging for the kids to spend a little more time outside in the summer air. The longer you’re enjoying your time with friends, the longer your kids get to romp around and embrace every moment of youth. Here’s how you can fuel their fun and spark more giggles. 

Two of our favs:

PS: Check out School's Out for Summer: Top Activities for Kids for more ideas here. 
ideas for kids summer break

8. Acrylic plates 

They’re tough, kid-resistant, versatile for indoor or outdoor settings, and available in bright summer-ready colors. Bbq hot dogs or salads featuring fresh summer fruit taste better on these. 

We love these: Melamine durable plate set

9. Beverage dispenser 

Warm summer nights call for all the cool, crisp drinks. Which require a pretty dispenser to be served out of, of course! Whether it’s lemonade, water, margaritas, sangria, or iced tea, serve them up in batches with one of these.

Shop beverage dispensers 

best water dispenser for summer
Pro Tip: Arrange fruit in the base of the dispenser. So simple, and a chic touch of seasonal style.

10. Go-to playlist

It’s not about having the perfectly curated playlist but an environment that everyone can relax in. Mix your own or take our suggestions below for these crowd-pleasing soundtracks.

Top 5 Playlists for Any Summer Gathering


How else are you going to remember all these summer moments come August… than with a Polaroid camera? You’re welcome in advance. 

And with that (queue viral TikTok voiceover: “The 2022 season comes to an end. Good night”... but make it start of summer 2023) you have all that you need to feel more than prepped and ready to invite your people over. Remember, you don’t need to blow them away. But having a few of these (or all!) from our easy summer hosting list will definitely give you the back-up you need.

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