Partytrick at Aspen Food & Wine 2024

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We Put the App in Adaptogens

At the Aspen Food & Wine Festival

Amidst caviar bumps, vegan cookie dough bites, and cocktails infused with natural botanicals, Partytrick’s pop-up event at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival had everyone wondering, “Who said we can’t play with our food?” The three-day event offered an incredible opportunity for both Partytrick veterans and newcomers to experience firsthand how to bring a party to life using Partytrick, aided by some of our most indulgent and creative partners.

Despite a bit of iffy weather on the first day, the rain never overshadowed the excitement of a weekend filled with incredible appetizers and cocktails that delighted the senses in the most unique ways. The event, aptly named “Adaptogens and Appetizers,” paid homage to the trend that teaches us food can do more than just delight our taste buds.

After the rain subsided, Partytrick hosted a delightful picnic party under the gorgeous Colorado sky. Guests gathered with friends, old and new, around a beautifully decorated picnic table, surrounded by comfy cushions for floor seating, and enjoyed refreshing glasses of vino from Juliet, the purveyor of luxury portable wines. Each guest left with a goody bag filled with edible low-dose cannabis treats made by Mary & Jane, perfect for relaxing and savoring a perfect summer picnic.

During the big event of the weekend, guests enjoyed caviar on crisps, as well as straight-up caviar taken like a shot off the hand, courtesy of Caviar Co. This long-standing partner of Partytrick, founded by sisters and female-operated, hails from San Francisco and is committed to sourcing sustainable, high-quality caviar. With sturgeon having been on Earth for 250 million years, Caviar Co. believes in the responsibility to protect these ancient fish.

To wash down their bites of caviar, guests indulged in ABV-free cocktails from Aplos. Conceived with the philosophy that pleasure and profundity can be drawn from the simple things around us, Aplos crafts cocktails infused with active botanicals designed to help you unwind, energize, connect, and calm. Each cocktail, crafted by award-winning mixologists, uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

For dessert, guests were treated to a nostalgic and fun take on a childhood secret indulgence—raw cookie dough, made healthy by Deux. This vegan, gluten-free cookie dough is made with clean ingredients and infused with adaptogens like Reishi and ginseng, which help relieve stress, regulate sleep, and increase energy levels. Additionally, the dough includes vitamins and aloe vera to boost collagen production, energy, and focus, ensuring you feel and look good while indulging in this ultimate childhood snack.

The event’s atmosphere was summery and lively, with decor infused with warm natural tones, psychedelic accents, and sumptuous textures reminiscent of the food and drinks on our plates and in our glasses.

Recreate the party in the comfort of your own home with the Partytrick app! Follow our step-by-step guide, complete with links to purchase ingredients and detailed recipes, to create a perfect summer evening of adaptogen-infused appetizers, ABV-free spirits, and sustainable caviar. Each element crafted to bring joy and relaxation into your life.

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