Throw a New Year’s Eve Party at Home

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Top tips for hosting New Year's Eve

Hats off for the NYE party at home this year

New Year’s Eve rolls around every year, and the more years we add to our belt (along with stories, class, and moments to remember!!) - the more it can sometimes be a bit daunting to think of what we even want to do to celebrate NYE. Which is why we’re here to assure you that a) that’s ok - in fact it’s pretty normal, we’re finding, to not have an incredible party invite to an extravaganza, and b) you can host your own NYE party right at home. And have an absolute ball throwing it. Here’s five tips for how to throw a party for New Year’s Eve. Dance party required, no excuses.

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1. Enforce a dress code

Strictly, duh. Party hats required. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a little glam! When it comes to NYE fashion, we support more is more. Make the night feel elegant with a dress code that encourages glitz, glam, and sparkle - or let everybody feel comfy and relaxed with a pajama party directive. Or, merge the two for a glam PJ party! Who said your pajamas can’t have feathers on them?

four sparkly festive outfits for New Year's Eve

2. Set the scene for a dance party

Sure, going out to a bar for NYE may mean that you get to hit the dance floor all night with your friends. We say, bring the dance party home! Clear a little space in your living room for people to cut a rug, and hang a disco ball from the ceiling so there’s no mistaking what the cleared space is for.

Pick a playlist & let loose!

3. Install the photobooth

We promise - it'll be a hit. Thank us when your party is the cover photo of everyone's reels on January 1st. Another pro of being in your own space? You’ll have enough room to document the evening and give guests the space to strike a pose all night long. Rent a photobooth with our friends from Pixilated or take (a tiny bit of) time to set one up yourself.

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polaroid photos printed with champagne glasses on a tabletop
Find all our tips for making an easy backdrop here!

4. Be your own bartender

Newest rendition of BYOB. Not having to wait in line all night for drinks? Sign us up. We love martinis because, while they look pretty classy, they are super easy to make and usually only require two or three ingredients. Fuel up on martini ingredients and pave the way for your guests to have a blast this holiday.

How to set up your own martini bar

5. Party favors can be for adults, too

Want to pop the champagne at midnight but don’t want to get it all over your house? Insert: champagne bottle confetti poppers. Just as fun to pop, way easier to clean up, and, dare we say, even better for photos? File under: things you cannot do at a bar or restaurant!

pouring champagne into champagne flutes

New Year’s Eve plans: Check. Not stressing about NYE: Check. Looking forward to NYE: Check. We’ve fully prepped you to wrap your year up with a gathering that will check all your hosting boxes for the entire year. And why not set the tone for next year while you’re at it? Happy New Year!

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