How to Make a Champagne Tower

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Our easy way to set up a champagne tower

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You’ve been wishing and wondering about how to level up your party arrangement. How to add that extra touch of elegance for the upcoming festivities? Our answer: Champagne tower. A surprisingly simple set up with a big impact – what a coupe for your next party. Whether you’re aspiring to construct a mini-glam pyramid for your beverage station or The Brown Palace’s annual 2-story cascade, we’ve got you covered to create an elegant champagne tower. 

how to set up a champagne tower

We love that a champagne tower makes any wedding, holiday party, or girls night guests feel extra special. And they’re much easier to put together than they look. 

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What you need for a champagne tower

  • Champagne coupe glasses, all the same height and style
  • A super sturdy surface (read: not a card table)
  • All the champagne & bubbles
  • ~The average champagne bottle serves 5 glasses, so for a five-tier tower, you’ll need at least five bottles to fill it. See more on Step 3 ;) 

How to set up a champagne tower

Step 1: Girl Math

A classic, modest champagne tower stands a little over 2’ tall and consists of five tiers: 

  • Top tier – 1 glass (1x1)
  • Second tier – 4 glasses (2x2)
  • Third tier – 9 glasses (3x3)
  • Fourth tier – 16 glasses (4x4)
  • Bottom tier – 25 glasses (5x5)
  • Total – 55 glasses

Aspirating for something a bit more grandiose? Here’s the secret: Each tier of a champagne tower is the next number multiplied by itself. So for more tiers, continue that pattern: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, etc. until you reach your desired tier level or height. 

Step 2: Stack ‘Em

For a stable construction, all of your coupe glasses should be the same height or width. We recommend this unbreakable set that helps avoid broken shards of glass. 

Start with the bottom tier by arranging the bottom tier in a square or diamond with all the rims touching for stability.

how to set up a champagne tower
Pro Tip: For the base tiers, fill each glass halfway before you move onto the next layer. 

For subsequent tiers, place each glass in the center where four glasses intersect. Continue until you have the champagne tower you’ve been envisioning. 

Step 3: Pour & Cheers

The average champagne bottle serves 5 glasses, so for a five-tier tower, you’ll need at least five bottles to fill it. We recommend filling the glasses halfway as you go for the first three tiers, at least, depending on size. Leave the top couple of tiers empty for that opulent pour moment to really shine. 

Remember: Cascading champagne bubbles over, and you can expect some romantic spilling. 

A little extra inspo: Watch Martha Stewart top off her champagne tower.

There you have it: Your festive bubbles are brimming and just waiting to be popped. Arrange your champagne tower for your next gathering, with a little (or a lot!) of help from us over here at Partytrick.

Want to refresh your champagne knowledge? (Or just impress your guests with fun facts!)

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