How to Decorate for Hanukkah

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Decorations that bring Hanukkah to life

Fun, festive, and celebratory ways to deck the halls for Hanukkah 

When it comes to the holidays, sometimes it can be a challenge to find Hanukkah decorations that stand out in a sea of tinsel, poinsettias, red, and green. Here are our tips for bringing some Hanukkah flair into your home. Easy DIY Hanukkah decor at your fingertips. Read: Desktop (or mobile device).

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1. Start with an untraditional menorah…

Let’s start with the centerpiece of Hanukkah. This year, treat yourself to a menorah that serves as a bit of a twist on transition. Some of our favorites?

OR, double down on tradition with this challah-motif menorah.

2. …and light it with some non-standard candles

Make sure your candles are just as cool as your menorah. We are loving these quite literally glowing options from Food52, which lets you pick any color you could possibly want. An hour of burn time, and colors your guests will ask you all about.

3. Lean into other types of light

Play with fairy lights and other white lights around your home - everybody loves a bit of twinkle around the holidays.

4. Make a statement… on your sofa

What’s better than decoration that’s chic AND comfy? This needlepoint pillow says it all, so your guests can cozy up on the couch and have a laugh while they’re there.

5. Play with hues of blue and shiny metallics 

We love setting our tables with blue and white napkins, deep blue tablecloths, and silver or gold runners. The colors are a perfect base and backdrop to build your tablescape from.

6. A tasty and fun centerpiece

Emphasis on the tasty. Use one of your favorite bowls and fill it to the BRIM with Hanukkah gelt. It looks festive and tastes even better.

7. Light even more candles

Want to be reminded of how good latkes (with applesauce) tastes, at all times? Us, too. Let this ‘latkes and lights’ candle burn!

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Pro Tip: Put strings of fairy lights into jars and place anywhere that needs an extra glimmer. 

8. Deck yourself out!

Who said holiday decor stops at your home? Treat yourself to some amazing jewelry inspired by Jewish history from our friends at Mamaleh. This also makes an amazing Hanukkah gift for others, so grab one for your BFF while you’re at it.

Hanukkah is here again, and this year you can adorn your home with simple, quick additions to bring a whole lot of extra light to the season. 

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