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We may not be saving the world (or are we?), but we sure are looking to do our part in saving the planet. Whether we’re celebrating large things or small, extravagant or everyday, opting for eco-friendly products when planning does make a difference. Here are our top recs for sustainable products to go green while still keeping your gathering good as gold.

eco friendly party products
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Spend Less; Utilize More

When it comes down to it, we most likely have plenty of items around our homes that we can re-purpose to decorate and amp up an atmosphere. We’re all about making use of the things we already have, rather than buying, when we can make it work.

Ideas of how to decorate with what you have, from the Partytrick library:

Pro Tip: When in doubt, you can always save by using less. Aka, Use What You Have At Home

Best Biodegradable Products

Now, for the items that you actually may need to buy (or recycle) for your next gathering, we’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly party supplies. 

best eco friendly paper goods

Plant-based Paper Towels

We all love a quality, durable paper towel that gets the job done in one wipe. What we don’t love so much: Throwing those paper towels away so frivolously. Which is where Repurpose comes in. Entirely non-toxic and completely sustainable green products that really do work. With product lines from tableware to kitchen and bath, give these bamboo, 100% FSC-Certified goods a go. 

Check out Repurpose

Eco-Conscious Party Supplies

Time to party—while giving the earth even more time to celebrate. With reusable or eco-friendly in the title of every one of their products, Bonjour Fete brings celebration-ready goods to the table, sans waste. Find holiday and theme-specific supplies, from gender reveal parties to Mardi Gras. Paperware, confetti, hanging decor, balloons, the party’s only just begun here. For even more extra credit, let’s add in their brand values: Woman Owned, Small Batch, Eco-Conscious, Made in the USA. Say less.


Check out Bonjour Fete

Try Coterie

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Biodegradable Balloons

The quality of balloons is a major factor in their performance and longevity. Here are some that we love—for both their appearance and their sustainability. All are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and so much easier to work with.

best biodegradable balloons
  • Qualatex: Bright colors and knobbies (long, skinny balloons)
  • Tuftex: More pastel, muted color options
  • Betallatex: Unique patterns, even animal print
  • Sempertex: Pastel and softer colors
Psst, looking for how to make a balloon arch? Learn how here

Compostable Trash Bags

We throw them away left and right, why not choose ones that are eco-friendly when we dispose of them? And hey, why not pick up some sustainable bags of all types (sandwich, produce, shopping, even pet waste), trendy square plates, and food containers while you’re at it?

Check out Green Paper Products

Recycled Material Drinkware

Using recycled, shatter-proof polymer, Tossware went to sustainable lengths to create eco-friendly drinkware. From flutes to stemless glassware to old fashioneds to tumblers for everyday use, they’ve got the beverage holders covered. If anything, they’re saving 5.6 grams of recyclable plastic every second. Wow. Plus, all products are BPA-free, so you can feel great about that. 

Check out Tossware.com

Compostable Cutlery

For the times when you’d rather not fill your dishwasher with dozens of silverware items, but you still wanna save the environment. Made from earth-friendly, renewable materials. Fork up a good time, and spoon out sustainability. Too far? 

Check out Stalkware

So, here’s your sign to buy less where you can, shop biodegradable when possible, go green for the planet, and celebrate the everyday with your people. Off you go now. 

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