Host a Watch Party: White Lotus Season 2 Finale

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Also loving White Lotus?

For the finale on Sunday, "Let's Fun!"

It’s a classic case of whodunnit — nay, more like whoisit? The White Lotus has once again taken over our screens (and let’s be honest; our lives. We consider ourselves armchair detectives at this point). We’re ready to turn this Sunday night into an epic watch party for the season two finale of our current favorite obsession. Buckle up, festaioli (that’s "party people" — we’re brushing up on our Italian). Put on your finest Dolce & Gabbana (or channel it with our favorite dupes), grab a glass of vino, and in true White Lotus fashion, pop some arancini in the fryer. Now, onto the details.

To Invite

We don’t see you having any trouble at all getting people to join your finale viewing. But to spice up your invite, check out our friends over at HiNote. We love these designs, and they make your invitation process simple and oh-so-chic.

Host a season finale party for White Lotus

To Eat

Whether they're eating at the resort or out on the town stealing some arancini, Portia and Jack inspire the bites for this finale party.

To Drink

Daphne: You guys really drank a lot, huh?

Cameron: You should have seen him. Tearing up the dancefloor.

To Wear

"This is high-end, Portia." You saw it all season long, now you get to rock it.

White lotus season finale party

Now it's your turn. Shop the look here.

White Lotus Season Finale Party: what to wear

To Decorate

Don’t worry too much about your decor—all eyes will be on the finale screen anyway. If you do want to feature a few items, we’d recommend the following:

  • Bust candle
  • Very D&G, designer, busts, sculptures, and busy prints everywhere

To Listen

Turn up these beats before the theme song starts. Set the mood.

To Play

After the finale wraps up and your crowd is itching for more mystery, play a murder mystery of your own. We can't promise it will give you full on Sicilian vibes, but it will do the trick. We think it was Theo in the cheetah shirt with the macaroon.

Well, if watching the finale wasn't fun enough, now you are all set to throw a watch party for the White Lotus finale. Ciao!

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