Big Game 2024: Taylor's Version

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This will be the End Game

Chiefs v. Niners: February 11th, 2024

Is it chance that both teams playing in the 2024 Big Game in Vegas are the color: RED? To coincide with the one album by Taylor that is named a color, none other than RED. The Big Game goes down on February 11th, 2024, and you can bet that screens everywhere will air the field. Whether you’re a tried and true football fan or you're here for the Taylor-Travis love story, is there really a bad reason to tune in?!

All in all, we really hope there's no Bad Blood between the Niners and Chiefs after February 11th. Though as far as the 2023-2024 NFL season goes, it turns out that this one is the End Game. Call It What You Want, the game of football may in fact be more emotionally Treacherous than long-time fans care to admit.

How to Watch the 2024 Super Bowl Chiefs vs. 49ers Game Online for Free –  The Hollywood Reporter

Big Game Decor

When in Vegas... or in the comfort of your best friend's living room.

What to drink

The players need to stay hydrated... and so does your crew while cheering them on!

  • SF-Style Irish Coffee
  • Pisco Punch: Gained its fame in SF in the 19th century... and it's time to bring it back.
  • Coors Light & Miller Lite: It is the biggest day of the year in American football, after all.
  • Sparkling water: An alternative, if you will.
  • Bottled water: To keep the Sunday Scaries from being so... scary.
Travis Kelce Was a Star. Taylor Swift Put Him in Another Orbit. - The New  York Times

What to eat

Featuring bites for San Francisco fans to boast about.

Make it a Take-Out Party: Chowder in a Bread Bowl via Goldbelly from Boudin (the very famous SF sourdough).  
Extra Point: Set-up a DIY bar: Ice Cream Sundaes with Ghirardelli Fudge
Classic Clam Chowder and Bread Bowls Kit - 4 Pack by Boudin Bakery - Alternate image 1

And some mouth-watering tastes from the Kansas City fans:

Note: This *isn't* water! Kansas City Ice Water Cocktail Recipe

What to play

Or maybe cast your votes on which Niners player ends up with the next hottest popstar?

  • Lean into the Vegas locale and rent some gaming tables for guests to play before the game or during halftime.
  • Touchdown Jello Shots: Whip up Jell-O shots in RED. Whether Chiefs or Niners score, you've got a Jell-O shot to take.
Jell-O shots, recipe courtesy of Kale Junkie
  • Bingo x Commercials: Fill out bingo cards with brands or items you think will be on 2024 commercials. Think: Chips, Taylor, Coke, Taylor, home insurance... Taylor?
  • The Classic Betting Squares: For those of you who thought you had no skin in the game, think again. 

Eras-inspired Viewers: What would Taylor do?

Watching football + activities featuring Taylor = A win & a happily ever after.



Taylor Swift Updates “Karma” Lyrics in Nod to Travis Kelce | Vanity Fair

Hosting must-haves

Ease your prep with these few items, which you likely already have laying around and will undoubtedly use again and again. 

  • Coolers or tubs: All the easier to grab drinks from.
  • Bags of ice: Lots of these…keep the drinks cold and the cheers loud.
  • Disposable dishes: Whether your team wins or loses (or you really don’t have any skin in the game), no need to end the day loading the dishwasher.

Hosting items specific to football

A few tips for items helpful to your hosting cause.

Long Live America's favorite pastime... oh wait that's baseball. One thing's for sure - this year's Big Game Hits Different, now that Taylor's involved.

Score a hosting touchdown when you try these out with the Soup-er Bowl party by Partytrick.

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