Host a Watch Party: The Golden Bachelor

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September 28th, 2023 on ABC

Catch it at 8PM ET/PT

On a brand new series where every contestant is at least 60 years old, Gerry Turner, 72, is on his quest to find love again. Save the date to cheer for this senior citizen in his dating venture. We're oh so curious what ideas those date cards will entail in this series.

Will it be even spicier than any Bachelor or Bachelorette series premiere has ever been? Do we want it to be? Join the nation on September 28th to find out.

Meet 'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner |
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To Invite

Send out invitations that resemble the classic date cards that are handed out on The Bachelor.

How the Bachelor and the Bachelorette come up with the show's iconic date  cards

To Eat

But will the contestants actually eat on their dates? Bets are on for that one.

  • Fantasy “sweets”: A play on the penultimate episode of every Bachelor season
  • ~Sprinkles Cupcakes
  • ~Brownies
  • ~Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Bark (you're welcome)
  • ~Nothing Bundt Cakes
  • Heart-shaped pizza: Your top list of where to order them here
  • Buttery popcorn (obviously - this is cinema-worthy content)
  • Charcuterie Board: These golden contestants are classic, why can't you be with your snack choice?
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Heart-shaped pizza on a cutting board
Make the pizzas yourself and you just may be up as contestant of the next Bachelor... pick your age group.

To Drink

Every episode of The Bachelor ends with a champagne toast. Why shouldn’t your party start with one?

Pro Tip: Stock up on a crisp, European rosé selection from Plonk Wine Club
Two glasses of rose wine on a wooden table
Will you accept this rosé wine?

A clever play on the iconic slogan from the show, if we do say so.

To Decorate

  • Roses! The Golden Bachelor will still hand out roses, so you should definitely give them to your guests, too
A vase of pink and red roses with petals spread around
  • Buy rose petals and scatter them about for another ode to the franchise
  • Set the scene with tons of candles to make your guests feel like they’ve been transported to Bachelor Mansion
  • Date cards: Because the more date cards your friends find around the party, the more there will be to giggle about

To Wear

Whether you’re dressing up like the 65-year-old fashionista that you plan to be someday, or rocking this viewing party in sweats (read: Gold Pajamas), the choice is yours. Just communicate with your fellow viewers so you can all be on the same page of the closet decision.

Or... dress as a 60-year-old ready to step out in your dating game.
Meet all 22 'Golden Bachelor' contestants

To Listen

These may or may not highlight the top radio hits of the time when the stars of this show were, well, in their prime? Build me up, Buttercup, anyone? 

To Play

Set up your brackets, place your bets, and whip out the bingo cards. Bingo is, after all, what these contestants are most likely to play, right?

  • Golden Bachelor Bracket
  • Intro Ceremony: Welcome your guests by staging an introduction ceremony just the way ABC does when the women arrive at the mansion to meet their potential suitor. In this edition, your guests are the contestants being introduced!
  • Golden Bachelor Bingo
  • Write your very own date cards: Whoever writes the most creative gets to be treated to their date. It’s on.

Love is in the air (we won't mention the number of heirs watching around the nation), and we can't wait.

Don't miss The Golden Bachelor, premiering on September 28th on ABC! 

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