How to Arrange Flowers

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Crafting your nature-fed centerpiece

No green thumbs required here!

You’ve got the food ordered, the lights set, and the general decor covered. Your party is about ready to go. But you know you’re missing one thing. It doesn’t take long to see that what you need most to enhance your party decor is flower arrangements. Floral centerpieces truly can make a world of difference at a party display. Arrange them we shall.

  • If in a pinch, try stopping by your local farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s or other local grocery store to pick up some blooms. Cut stems, place in vases or jars of water, and let your florals spread their social wings. 
  • If the thought of DIY makes you squirm, Order Flowers Online from our Favorite Places—but make sure you do this with a few weeks notice. 

First things first: Decide where your florals will go

If you’re placing flowers on display at a dinner table, brunch setting, or similar, be sure to create arrangements with a lower profile to ensure that guests can see each other. We’ve all been to that event where we felt like we were talking through weeds… 

Pro tip: Set your elbow on table and hand in air - flowers shouldn't go higher than hand.

For florals that will take up space on the outskirts of the party area - ie kitchen island, side table, bar - feel free to add height to your display. The higher the hair the closer to…oh wait that’s hair. Works for blooms too, hmm?

Now let’s get to arranging. 

Gather what you’re working with

Choose the florals and greenery that work for your vibe. When selecting flowers, pick in the same general color scheme. Add in a pop of color as a statement petal, a bit of neutral ground greenery, and you’ve got it covered.


  • Flowers
  • Vase
  • Scissors or garden shears
  • Water

Now, build that centerpiece

  1. Remove extra foliage from the lower ⅔ of the greenery and flowers. This helps water and nutrients get to the top faster, rather than feeding the bottom foliage first.
  2. Trim the stems of greenery or filler flowers diagonally with garden shears or very sharp scissors. A diagonal slice creates more surface area to soak up water.
  3. Place each stem into a vase of water - angling them in to create a ‘grid’ between the stems to anchor your blooms.
  4. Distribute evenly the bigger blooms throughout slots in the grid, varying each bloom’s height. 
  5. Add the most delicate blooms or additional spectacular finishing statement stems. 
  6. Rotate your arrangement to check it out from all angles, and adjust as needed to assure that every seat at the party gets a gorgeous view. 

It’s time to wow your guests with your floral masterpiece! We can smell it already. Your flower arrangements are going to draw in guests from all over once the wafts of fresh florals make their way out your doors. Kidding, we say that mostly for effect. Regardless, your blooms are looking great and you are set to host. 

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