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In a pinch? Thought you had time to buy flowers, cut and trim them, keep them in water, arrange them prettily, keep them alive, and display them in vases? How could that ever have gotten away from you, right? We get it. Your hands are quite full, even though you do manage so incredibly much. 

Maybe you don’t have a moment to grab flowers from the farmer’s market - or you just don’t want to do a floral runner with potted herbs intermixed. This is why our guide for ordering flowers online for parties is here. 

Psst… arranging flowers doesn’t have to be hard. For next time, check out How to Arrange Flowers.

Flower Delivery Services

Here are a few sources for quick ship farm-to-table flowers: 

  1. Farm Girl Flowers: Choose from burlap accents and the Big Box Shop: 100 stems to play with!
  2. UrbanStems: With next-day delivery available…#sendhappy makes sense
  3. Bouqs.com: Farm-to-doorstep; option for monthly subscription, easy to skip!
  4. FTD: Delivering flowers for 110 years 
  5. Proflowers: Guaranteed 7-day freshness

Now get to ordering those arrangements. There are so many gorgeous options out there, you’ll want to get started on your selection process. And with the moments you save by letting the florists do the work for you, go ahead and put your feet up. Or try one of these to add the extra touch to your party:

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