How to Build a Centerpiece

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Easy DIY florals at home

Roses are red... & your table is gorgeous

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Okay, we're here to talk more than roses. Easy ways to make your tablescape look better, and how to do it quickly on your own. Here's how you can DIY the heck out of those grocery store florals.

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1. Pick the location

...And your florals. Determine whether your arrangement will be on the dinner table or on a side table / bar / kitchen island.

  • Dinner table arrangements need a lower profile so that your dinner guests can see each other.
  • Out-of-the-way arrangements can be taller.

2. Check the height

A good rule of thumb is that your arrangement should be two times the height of your vase.

3. Trim for good measure

Remove any extra foliage from the lower ⅔ of the greenery and flowers. This helps water and nutrients get to the top better instead of feeding the bottom foliage first.

4. Trim & grid

Then trim the stems of any greenery or filler flowers (small, secondary flowers) diagonally with garden sheers or very sharp scissors. The diagonal slice creates more surface area to soak up the water! Then place each stem immediately into the vase of water, angling them in to create a “grid” between the stems, which will anchor your blooms.

5. Arrange the blooms

There she is: The pièce de résistance! Evenly distribute an odd number of bigger blooms, called “mass” flowers, and vary each bloom’s height. If they haven’t opened up, try clipping the stems and placing them in warm water for 20 minutes or spinning the stem between your hands as though you’re warming chilly fingers.

6. The finishing touch

Then finish by adding the most delicate blooms or any spectacular statement stems.

7. An eye for design

Rotate the arrangement to examine it from all viewpoints, and tweak as needed to guarantee every seat gets a good view.

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