10 Secrets to Entertaining with Ease

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While we love to be creative when throwing an event, we’ve also gotten party planning down to a science. And, we've nailed our list of 10 things that make it easy to ditch the stress and host an effortless, joy-filled dinner party. So read on, party people. Your top 10 to-do list items for throwing the type of party you like best.

1. Stick to what you know

The first few times you entertain are not when you should experiment. Keep your dishes simple with favorite, tried and true recipes, and you can be confident that the evening will go off without a hitch.

2. Plan a 360° experience

Think about more than the guest list and the menu. Create an immersive experience with your invitations, music, décor, table settings, guest gifts, and wardrobe.

top tips for planning a party

3. Read ahead

Teachers may have told you NOT to do this in grammar school…but we strongly advise you to read all menu instructions thoroughly and in advance! You never know what might be hiding in that recipe that will require a special trip to the store or an Amazon order.

4. Use your alarms

Set alarms for all of your party prep to keep yourself on schedule and stress-free. The alarm feature on a smartphone is a true-life saver, and it only takes seconds to program all the reminders you need! Or, we know something that could help...join the party and we'll remind you every step of the way.

5. Be a gracious and mindful host

Make your entryway welcoming – greet newcomers with genuine compliments and make introductions with meaningful details to spark conversation between guests.

6. Give early guests a job

Whether it’s lighting candles or filling water glasses, give the early guests “jobs” so that they can feel helpful. It will shorten your pre-party to-do list AND keep them out of your way if you’re putting the finishing touches on anything!

7. Be prepared with conversation starters

Every once in awhile, an awkward moment of silence can’t be avoided, but fun conversation prompts like “tell two truths and a lie” or “where would you go if you were handed an airplane ticket to anywhere…” can get you right back on track.

party planning checklist

8. Bring your own sense of humor

Don’t apologize if a meal isn’t perfect – remember that your guests aren’t there because they think you’re Julia Child. They’re there for the connection and the laughs.

9. Clean (but not too much)

Make a plan for post-party cleanup but, until then, enjoy your guests! Don’t miss out on all the good stuff because you’re running shuttle service from the dining room to the kitchen sink.

how to prep for a party

10. How to end the night

Believe it or not, where you serve dessert can determine how late the night goes. Serve it at the table if you'd like your guests to linger awhile. Get them on their feet and move to the living room for dessert, if you'd like to start wrapping up the evening.

Party on - you are ready

There you have it! Our top 10 list for party prep. We know what it's like juggling your to-do and shopping and amazon and menu lists...and you just don't need to do that anymore. Dig into our bag of partytricks and have yourself a party (and invite your friends too - it'd be a shame for them not to experience this!)

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