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Football season rolls to an end…

Touching down with the best bites & bits

The Big Game goes down on February 11th, 2024, and you can bet that screens everywhere will air the field. Whether you’re a tried and true football fan or are the classic friend joining in the festivities solely for the halftime show or the snacks, we’ve gathered the top tips for hosting. If you’re looking to throw a party at home for the Big Game, or help your friends out with a party planning guide specific to the game…look no further. No need to throw a hail Mary when you’re taken care of with these game-winning hacks. 

how to host for superbowl

Hosting must-haves

Ease your prep with these few items, which you likely already have laying around and will undoubtedly use again and again. 

  • Crock pot or instant pot: Let those mini sausages simmer all game long.
  • Coolers or tubs: All the easier to grab drinks from.
  • Bags of ice: Lots of these…keep the drinks cold and the cheers loud.
  • Disposable dishes: Whether your team wins or loses (or you really don’t have any skin in the game), no need to end the day loading the dishwasher.
best wings recipes for uperbowl

What to eat

The real reason for throwing a party for the Big Game.

top cocktail to make for superbowl

What to drink

It’s of the utmost importance to stay hydrated while in the midst of football. 

  • Beergaritas: Your Big Game specialty drink
  • Coors Light & Miller Lite: Would it be American football without smashing a few of these?
  • Sparkling water: For the ones who don’t want to sip beer but still enjoy something cold and refreshing. 
  • Bottled water: Up to you, really, but after the fans have pounded a few beers… water’s never a bad idea. They just likely won’t think of it unless it sits right in front of them. 
how to host superbowl at home

What to play

Besides a friendly game of 2-hand-touch at halftime of course…

  • Touchdown Jello Shots: Whip up jello shots in both team's colors. Each time a team scores, your party takes shots in the according color. Brain power not required here. 
  • Bingo x Commercials: Fill out bingo cards with topics you would put money on would be in this year’s commercials. Think: Chips, soda, deodorant, home insurance. 
  • The Classic Betting Squares: For those of you who thought you had no skin in the game, think again. 
  • For more ideas, check these out.
superbowl hosting what to buy

Hosting items specific to football

No decor needed for hosting the game since eyes will be on the screen, but adding in sporty touches to the servingware brings that extra touch. Like the extra point, but for hosting. 

Touchdown. Extra points. Field goals. 10-yard penalty. Flag on play. Now we’re just showing off… Those are a few words to add to your vocabulary before the Big Game. That way, you can show off with your hosting skills with a side of football terms. Go team go.

Score a hosting touchdown when you try these out with the Soup-er Bowl party by Partytrick.

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