DIY Mexican Paper Flowers

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Easy decor for your next Taco Tuesday

Ready to beautify your Taco Tuesday get-together? Your tacos are no doubt delicious, but a little flare is needed to liven up the party. Crafting these colorful paper flowers can add the extra element you are looking for. Grab these materials and follow the six easy steps below to make your next taco Tuesday party flourish.

Materials for 10 flowers

  • 60 sheets of tissue paper (different colors or all the same, whatever you prefer).
  • Scissors
  • 10 pipe cleaners (any color)
  • 1 margarita, to get in the zone

One paper flower will need (6) sheets of tissue paper and (1) pipe cleaner, so adjust supplies accordingly. 

How to make paper flowers

  1. Stack 6 tissue paper sheets neatly. If you have a particular color you’d like as the center of your flower, place that sheet on top. If you want a green leafy look as the back of the flower, place a green sheet on the bottom of your stack.
  2. Accordion style fold the stack of tissue paper about an inch thick. What’s left will be a thin strip of folded tissue paper.
  3. Wrap one pipe cleaner around the center of your folded tissue sheets and twist to secure. 
  4. Cut each end into a petal shape you enjoy for the look you’re going for—sort of like cutting a snowflake out of paper as a child, feel free to get creative. 
  5. Open the accordion fold to fan out the tissue paper into a circular shape. 
  6. Carefully peel the layers up to create a beautiful fluffed up flower. The finished product can be attached to a wall with tape or on a string using the pipe cleaner around the flower.

Repeat the flower making process with a different pattern of colors and cut shapes for a unique decoration every time. Tissue paper and pipe cleaners are easy on the wallet, maker-friendly, and simple to store. DIY doesn’t get better than that. Now send out those invites for your next Taco Tuesday. Oh, speaking of which, here are our go-to tips for How to Create the Perfect Invitation.

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