DIY Napkin Treatment Using an Herb Bundle

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An easy napkin treatment for place settings

These won’t take much of your thyme

Are you ready for an all-too-simple, yet completely delicate and beautiful DIY napkin treatment? Give your place settings a level up on the rest with this low-lift trick. Whether your gathering is a dinner party, outdoor farm-to-table meal, or morning brunch, these herb bundles will welcome your guest warmly.

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how to make napkins look good

What You Need:

  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Herbs - fresh or dried, we recommend:
  • ~Lavender
  • ~Thistle
  • ~Thyme
  • ~Rosemary
  • ~Sage
  • ~Wild marjoram
  • ~Germander
  • ~Dried seed pods
Pro Tip: Make sure whichever herbs you select are able to sustain a long period of time out of water without wilting. 

Where to find herbs

You can buy herbs from Whole Foods, Sprouts, the fresh produce section at your local grocery store, or of course trusty Amazon.

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How to make herb bundles

1. Cut the herbs

Using scissors, cut your herbs to 2-4 inches long.

2. Press herbs flat

Press fingers lightly down on herbs so they will lay flat.

Pro Tip: Set a heavy book over them to keep intact.

3. Secure with twine

  • Cut twine pieces to 4-8 inches long each.
  • Wrap twine around the herb bundle, tie, and voila!

Display an herb bundle on each place setting atop plates, in a napkin pocket, or scattered tastefully along centerpieces. 

Step 1: Cut your herbs.
Step 2: Press herbs to lay flat.
Step 3: Cut and wrap twine around herbs.

Bonus: Be sure to take in the lovely aroma this decor gives off!

You can keep these types of ‘hard’ herbs fresh for up to three weeks when stored correctly in water. Herb bundles kept out of water stay green for 1 - 2 weeks, if you start with fresh herbs. Enjoy your guests fawning over your herbs, before they fawn over the dishes you serve. Little effort but maximal satisfaction.

how to make napkins look good

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