DIY your Own Place Cards for the Perfect Fall Themed Gatherings

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Spice up your fall tablescape

Say hello to the season and wow your guests

Are you ready for it? We have a way to impress your guests with a fall trifecta DIY: personalized pumpkins that act as place cards and go home as party favors. Not only do they mark the designated places for guests—they add another fall accent to your tablescape. Say no more, we’ll show you what to do.

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Personalized Pumpkins

What You Need:

ideas for fall table decor

How to Make Them:

1. Write guest names on the pumpkins.

  • Use sharpie to write a name on each pumpkin. 
  • Or, use glue to write their name. Then cover the glue with copper glitter.

Pro tip: We love applying glitter over a paper plate. This way, the glitter that doesn’t stick lands in a designated place. You can then reuse this glitter. Because no glitter must go to waste!

2. Decorate pumpkins to the color and style of your choice. 

  • Draw or paint swirls in sharpie or neutral paint colors.
  • Coat pumpkins with Elmers glue and sprinkle glitter to top. Try applying glue over the entire pumpkin or in swirls or designs. With glue and glitter, you can’t go wrong. 

Looking for another option sans pumpkins? Look no further, except below.

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Place Cards for a Fall Gathering
What You Need:

  • Paper for place card: we recommend a linen paper with a hand torn edge. Think raw and natural. 
  • Garnish: mini gourds, pears, apples, peaches, figs. 
  • Additional: wax seal or twine ribbon. Or both!

How To Assemble:

Quite simply, as you may have guessed. 

1. Fold papers so they can stand on their own as name cards.
2. Write names on each paper name card.
3. Add twine and/or wax seal.
4. Garnish the place card! Add your fruit piece tastefully next to each place card.

Fall is upon us and we are oh so happy about it. We’re not basic (we keep telling ourselves this) but we are so ecstatic to whip out the sweaters and have ourselves cozy nights in. And festive fall-seasoned parties of course. So whip out these place cards and invite your crew over. We have fall to celebrate. 

how to set a table for fall

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