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Our top recommended items for hosting

The must-have list to complete your party

By Virginia Frischkorn

Hosting presents enough to-do lists for you as the hostess. To tick one thing off your list early, we gathered all of our very favorite party essentials into this list to arm you with your all-star best items for hosting. Pick out a few (or pick them all) and plan your next get-together.

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1. Quality salad bowl

Fill it with pasta, popcorn, or salad. But you need this.

best salad bowls

2. Slates for cheese and charcuterie

Party instantly elevated. 

3.  Shallow serving dish

May the conversation be deep and this dish shallow.

4. Clear bud vase collection

For your centerpiece and scattered florals needs. Snag 3-10 of each style.

whats kind of flower vase should i use

5. Beverage tubs

Different than the ones you drop your lavender bath bomb in.

6. Cocktail napkin

Staples to keep those hands dry and save greasy shrimp fingers.

7. Rectangle platters

Don’t be a square. At least when displaying your apps.

8. Charcuterie wooden display board

At this point…you can’t not have one at your party.

charcuterie board to buy

9. Ribbon for napkin ring (easier than napkin ring)

The DIY that instantly shows your effort. Don’t tell them how easy it was. 

10. Compartment trays

So your snacks can move when the party moves to the next room.

11. Water pitcher

May they all remain hydrated.

12. Ice bucket

So chill. Well, at least your drinks will be. 

top items for hosting a party

13. Ceramic bud vases

To complement the clear vases. To fill with blossoms of every season.

14. Beverage dispenser

Fueling the fun one glass at a time.

15. Tiers

Levels, performed by Avicii, brought to you by Partytrick.

16. Tongs 

Grab a lot. Like ten. Lighter than serving ware and easier to use.

top things to have for a dinner party

Investing in staples for entertaining truly does pay off because you will use them over and over again. The amount of time you will save on hosting decisions will have these products more than paying for themselves. Did we express the disclaimer that hosting may be a tad addicting? No stress, you’re in good hands.

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