Gifts for Your Guests for Every Season

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Our seasonal recs to send home with your guests

Author: Virginia Frischkorn

Just like party themes vary with the season, so do the party favors your guests take home. We simplified things for you and broke our ideas down by the season. You're welcome, and your guests will say thank you.

Spring seeds // Summer scarves // Fall cider // Winter socks

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Seed Packets

Cute. Life-giving (literally). Signifying fresh starts and new beginnings. If that's not what spring is about...we don't know what is. Wrap these packets up with a ribbon, tuck in a note of encouragement like "Springing into something beautiful ;)" and watch the smiles spread.


Silk Scarf

Multi-functional. Tie around your neck. Wrap around your hair tie. Add to your purse strap. Traditional neck scarf. The options go on. We love them because they're versatile and cool in temperature. For the warmest time of year when you can't always make a fashion statement with apparel, add on a silk scarf and feel your style soar.


Spiked Cider Mix

In a season full of PSLs, spice things up and give your guests the gift of easy homemade cider. Tuck these darling mulled cider mixes into table place settings or in a basket on the way out the door.


Cozy Socks

You can never go wrong. Fuzzy, knee high, stripes and silly, or cute with llamas wearing scarves, no sock is a bad sock, IMO. You can buy them in bulk many places—we love Marshall's, Target, and Costco on a budget, or Bombas or Anthropologie for pretty feet.

Ready for more ways to amp up your party? Check out your ultimate party planning guide. You're welcome.

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