History of Galentine’s & How To Celebrate

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Ideas for Galentine’s Day 2023

What to do if you’re single, love love, hate love, or just wanna be with your gals

“You beautiful spinster, I will find you love.” The infamous words of Leslie Knope of Parks & Rec. Or perhaps the more notable: “Ovaries before bro-varies”. While Valentine’s Day has been around since 1375, when English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the first poem dubbing St. Valentine’s Day one of romantic celebration, Galentine’s Day brings a modern spin to the day of love. 

Leslie Knope (played by actress Amy Poehler) introduced Galentine’s Day to the world in the 2nd season of Parks & Rec in 2010. It’s all about girlfriends getting together to celebrate ladies being ladies on February 13th, whether they have partners at home or not.

Happy 13th Galentine’s Day, to all you out there celebrating with your gals and brunching it up.

Get inspired by Galentine’s Day with Parks & Rec.

DIY Galentine’s Gifts & Decor

Looking to revamp the typical paper valentine card or decor? Try a few of these to reinvent galentines. 

ideas for galentines day 2023
  1. Galentine's Day Garland
  2. ~Get in the spirit with these. Or choose neutral colors and leave a touch of love up all year round.
  1. Ombre Wine Cork Heart
  2. ~Finally something to do with the wine corks you’ve stowed away.
  1. How to Make a Galentine's Day Phrase Pillow
  2. ~A friendly welcome to your couch gives you another reason to snag a nap.
  3. ~Note: You don’t need to make personalized pillows with a headline from your friend’s birth year…but we’re not lying when we say Leslie Knope was onto something.
  1. Make Rose Petal Bath Bombs
  2. ~We never met a bath we didn’t like. Add in rose petals and it’s gameover. 
  1. How to Make Heart-Shaped Marshmallows
  2. ~For your sweetest homemade latte yet.

Anti-Valentines: How to Celebrate

When you’re not the type to overload on candy hearts and dozens of red roses…these are for you. Whether you do these with your bff, a few gals, or your not-so-romantic-partner, look forward to the inevitable bonding that will happen.

1. Dog-sit

  1. ~Okay, maybe this doesn’t sound too radical. But the fun that happens when you’re throwing a ball for a four-legged creature who loves you (or chasing after him…) is sure to take you out of your ordinary day.

2. Take on a DIY project

  1. ~Suddenly you find yourself in a respirator mask installing fiberglass for new insulation. Or keep it simple (and prettier) with a trendy bird cage or a fresh bookshelf. “Pass the Phillips head, please” will bring a whole new level of connection. 

3. Make mocktails or bake (or both!)

  1. ~Throw flour in their face. Sprinkle a little orange zest over them. The fun ensues while in the kitchen—every time.

4. Write sardonic cards

  1. ~Now, careful with your audience here. Proceed only if the recipient’s humor will handle your polking fun. But if you know them, and can make them laugh by pointing out their (maybe worst…maybe quirkiest) tendencies, jot down their most laughable traits. Spread the love. 

5. Workout together

  1. ~Gather the girls and sign up for that pilates or kickboxing you’ve been pondering. Grab your partner and surprise them with a cardio hip hop class. Sure to surpass expectations.

Thrive in your singleness

For the ones out there who want a (snarky) reason to celebrate, while still bash the season of love just a bit. May your sass prevail.

anti-valentines what to do when single on valentines day

1. Mix up black cocktails

  1. ~Add black food dye to any mix. Instantly add an edge to your get-together. Or your solo party of one—who doesn’t love a black drink there?

2. Decorate anti-Valentine’s cookies

  1. ~From “Nope” to “See ya never” to “Not today”...make yourself laugh with the non-traditional words you can top cookies with. Then eat all the frosting of course. 
  2. ~Bonus points: Deliver them to your ex. Or whoever you want to start a little drama with.

3. Hit a heart piñata 

  1. ~Does it really get any better? Fill it with your favorite candy, mini shooters, skin products, (you name it, you hit it) and have yourself a time.

4. Make a playlist and D A N C E

  1. ~Ok maybe it does get better… add your top dance hits to a playlist. Invite your friends to collab. Whether you're together or on your own in your living room, has a dance party ever disappointed?

5. Take a boxing class

  1. ~Hear us out: There may be nothing out there quite as empowering as a boxing class. Grab yourself some black (or pink!) gloves and sign up. Side effect: You get stronger, physically and emotionally.

So whichever bucket you fall into—maybe it’s a touch of all three depending on the friends you find yourself with—pick a few things to do. Feeling festive can look different for all of us, especially pending what life stage we find ourselves in this year…or even this month, tbh. We're sending love, wherever you are! (Or if you hate love... we take it back).

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