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" My favorite reason to gather is 'just because!'"

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What's your process for planning a gathering in your home?

I usually start with the theme or occasion, but I don't wait for something special to host. My favorite reason to gather is "just because"!

What are your go-to party activities or games to break the ice?

Is delegating a game? I usually put guests to work with a small task when they arrive, so they really feel 'at home' with me! But, not until after I've given them a cocktail :)

If you had a limited budget to put together a small dinner party, what would you focus on for the tablescape?

Depending on the season, either candles or Trader Joe's flowers. Having a ton of tea lights on the table makes the atmosphere feel dreamy, and sometimes that's better than bigger flower arrangements that get in the way of seeing across the table.

"Remember, people are coming over to enjoy time spent together."

What makes a great gathering memorable?

The most important thing is the people! Getting a good group together will lead to great conversation and tons of laughs.

If someone is feeling overwhelmed by hosting their friends in their home, what tips would you give them?

Don't overthink it! If it's your first time hosting, turn it into a pizza party. You can still set the table, buy flowers, and make a specialty cocktail, but you'll be alleviated by letting go of the stress of putting a meal together. Remember, people are coming over to enjoy time spent together, not because they are expecting a five-course meal.

"If it's your first time hosting, turn it into a pizza party!"

Favorite recipe or food to serve when hosting?

If I'm hosting a dinner party, I'm making a roast chicken—it goes in the oven before people get there, it's always a hit, and easily feeds a lot of people. My favorite is Molly Baz's pastrami roast chicken with schmaltzy onions!

What is the soundtrack to a dinner party in your home? Have any favorite playlists?

We bought a record player and always tell our guests to DJ! It's so fun to hear what records people put on, and it takes the stress off of us being on music duty.

What is your favorite partytrick?

Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge (NOT the freezer). There is always something to celebrate and the sound of a champagne pop usually means the party has officially begun!

About our host

Emma brings a relaxed brilliance to her dinner table, where she loves to find ways to make regular moments ones to remember. As Growth Marketing Manager at Partytrick, Emma gets to spread her love of gathering people together—so more people can do it too, in a more relaxed manner.

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