How to Arrange Holiday Florals

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Set up your holiday tablescape with flair

'Tis the season, after all

Remember the feeling of peeking under the tree when you were little? What if we told you that you can have that experience as an adult…in the form of your holiday florals. Stay with us now.

Imagine those gorgeous floral arrangements you see when you’re scrolling while taking a break, perfected by professional interior designers. The ones that are impossible to even come close to matching–yeah, those ones. Now imagine you can create something to that scale. Okay, maybe you can’t even dream it. That’s why we’re going to show you an easy 5-step process to achieve the interior design look you’ve dreamed of.

Plus, this is specifically a holiday edition. Get ready to arrange Christmas style florals for a tablescape to get you right in the spirit.

What you need:

How to Arrange Florals

  1. In your large vase, add florals as the center of the arrangement. Depending on how holiday-esque you want your color scheme to be, florals can be red and white flowers or greenery with white floral accents. Different flower colors and sizes like paperwhites and roses add variety to the centerpiece. Faux flowers and greenery can do the trick as well.
  2. Weave silk or velvet ribbon into a strand of garland or greenery. Think a loose braid with two strands.
  3. Arrange the greenery or garland below the vase of flowers like a table runner. Rest pine cones throughout. Weave twinkle lights into the garland for an extra shimmer.
  4. In a clear cylinder vase and/or lantern, add different sized and colored ornaments—spheres or teardrop-shaped are great for this. Mix in a few large-sized with regular and small ornaments sprinkled in.. Fill two or three vases and place them around the floral piece. 
  5. Place 3-5 simple white or red candles throughout the garland to add a warm component.
  6. Top it off by dispersing a few mini tree variations along the garland or around the vases.  

Now, see how holiday magic just comes to life? Play around with the colors you want to pop this holiday season and add touches to make it fit your home.Those influencers don’t have a thing on you. Enjoy holiday cheer every time you walk past your arrangement. It’s just like what you experienced as a kid sneaking a glimpse under the tree. But this time, you can look and touch all you want. Even better, right? 

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