How to be a Stress-Free Host

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Company is Coming!

And they better believe you are so ready for them

You've been there. Or maybe you've seen "her" be there... her being your best pal, your mom, your sister... Scrambling around irritably and force-drinking espresso prior to guest arrival. Remember when 'Company is Coming' took over YouTube in 2015? (Can you believe it was that long ago? And it still slaps.) Honestly, we get it. We don't blame the hostess who takes her party seriously. Heck, we downright respect her - and she's pretty much the reason we are in existence!

So, we're here to lighten up the stress load for hostesses in their party planning moments. Read on to simplify your hosting experience. Or, sneak this into your DMs to your bestie. If anything, she can laugh at the video. Off you go for stress-free party planning!

A little planning never hurt nobody

Our top 5 tips for stress-free planning

  1. Pre-plan your dinner party
    Check your plan a week prior, 3 days prior, and the day before to make sure you’ve thought through everything and know when each piece comes into play. If you're drawing a blank on where to begin with a plan, we can help you there too.
  2. Check those to-dos off the list
    Dot your I’s & cross your T’s so that you have confidence that you’re having a great party and are not forgetting anything. Because you covered it all - promise. For great examples of our must-have party hosting tips, read our hacks here. If you're plan ahead Paige or last minute Liana - we've got you.
  3. Pre-batch your cocktails
    Doing this will save you so much time when guests arrive! Give one of our favorite cocktail recipes a whirl to keep your guests coming back for more (not too many, of course). Try one of these fun dispensers and carafes to amp up the presentation and you are set. Bonus: fill the bottom stand portion of the dispenser with fruit, flowers, or leaves and your display earns instant points.
  4. Clean house: start here
    Start the party with a clean house (especially your refrigerator) and have a plan of attack for clean up. Simply putting away those extra items laying around gives you that much more peace of mind as you start setting out snacks and paper goods. Remember - cleaning up the next day is just fine! Our favorite smelling counter cleaner will have you relaxed in no time.
  5. Delegate duties
    Hostess hack! Save 1-2 tasks to delegate to the first guests to arrive. It’s an immediate ice breaker and builds a sense of teamwork right away. Starting conversation will be even one less thing to stress about!

So there you have it. Our fool-proof ways to host parties stress-free. One day you'll look back and smile at the cute you who hustled around sweating and heart racing prior to guest arrival. Add this one to your bag of partytricks, and soon you'll be dancing your way through your kitchen singing the Abba soundtrack to open that door wide. Party on!

For more tips and tricks for hosting your best get-togethers, join the party!

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