How to Build a Cute Tent

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Camp themed party…or “keep kids busy over summer break”

An easy DIY way to build a tent at home

We started to ask, ‘What is it with kids and tents?’ But we stopped ourselves - because tents are just great, no matter your age. They make you feel like you’re suddenly in another land, and the possibilities are endless. So whether you’re hosting a campfire themed kids party, keeping your kids entertained at a slumber party, or just switching up a summer night at home, see our tricks for building a tent your kids won’t want to get out of. Oh darn…

What you need:

Prep the fabric:

  1. Trim fabric to 44" wide.
  2. With iron and Stitch Witchery, ‘hem’ the rough edge of the fabric.
  3. Form the first pocket for the dowel: fold the top of the fabric width-wise to create a pocket 3” wide. Seal the pocket with Stitch Witchery and iron.
  4. Slide the pocket through the bottom dowel on your frame. Tug the fabric taut over the top dowel down to the other bottom dowel. Measure where the next pocket will need to be adhered to make a 3" pocket.
  5. Remove the fabric cover and use Stitch Witchery to secure the second pocket.

Prep the frame:

  1. On each wood board, measure 6” down and mark the center.
  2. Drill a 3/4" hole at the mark on all four boards.
  3. On the other end of the board, measure 1.5” up from bottom.
  4. Drill a 3/4" hole at this mark on all four boards.

Assemble the tent:

  1. Thread the dowels through the board’s drilled holes to create an ‘A’ shape.
  2. Check that the side of the board with holes ½” from the bottom faces the bottom of the frame.
  3. If it’s difficult to fit the dowel through the holes, use sandpaper to smooth out the inside of the holes.
  4. Add fabric cover: drape fabric over top dowel; thread bottom dowels through both pockets.

So get your supplies together and get ready for the coolest parent ever award. If you have trouble getting your kids to leave the tent, well… you can’t say we didn’t warn you! 

On the other hand, if you’d rather purchase than build (no judgment here), try one of these darling options:

If you need more tricks to entertain your kids for hours, join the party.

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