How to Host Book Club

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Pull off a gathering so good your guests will almost think it’s a fairy tale.

“It’s my turn to host book club on Thursday, and I haven’t even thought about what to do! How do I get it together in time?”

Step 1: Ditch the stress.

We have tips (lots of them) for putting together a relaxed and effortless night with your book club.

Step 2: Lean into the theme! 

From literary charades to a white elephant book exchange, we’re turning the page on your “typical” book club.

Step 3: Turn it into a movie night.

Pick a book that has been turned into a movie and your evening’s entertainment is complete. Cue the conversation of which version was better!

Step 4: Use Partytrick!

You know those books that you never want to end? Consider this the first volume of a never-ending series of parties. Our library is full of tools and tricks to turn you into an expert host.

Step 5: Looking to bring a specific book to life?

We’re here to help! Request a personalized partytrick and we’ll help you scheme up a celebration that is perfectly on theme with this month’s book.

Suddenly, here you are, beginning the chapter of your life where you host book club (& more!) with ease. Dogear this corner, we like this part for you.

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