How to Make a Barbeque Look Great

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So your scene looks as good as the food smells

Like your sauce sweet or spicy?

The sauce will be rich. The sunshine will be strong. Your hands may get sticky. And, the chill backyard vibes are in full force. We’re here to make sure that, amidst all that barbeque deliciousness, that your barbeque looks good too. Here are a few of our favorite ways  to transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece.

Beautify the food

Displaying meals is just as important, if not more, than the taste of the food itself. We love using decorative serving trays to enhance what would have been a boring plate of food. Add in tiered serving displays or food risers to add layers of dimension to your food station. Grill your meat or veggies on kebabs for an instant crowd pleaser. Fun and practical for cooking and displaying. We prefer to serve beverages fresh out of a hammered tub to keep the drinks crisp (and it’s cuter than a cooler). Pair this all with some gorgeous enamelware to show off your delicious food. Food display: check.

Set the scene

Outdoor parties often mean more space to work with, which can be awesome, but also a little overwhelming at times. Using colorful base linens as opposed to neutrals is the best way to fill in the space and give your event a sort of theme to embrace. Select one or two colors at a time to do the trick! Consider a set of linens that are red and white, or blue and white, or green and white, etc. make the backyard cohesive. 

Lights, camera, action!

We emphasized that differently for a reason. Outdoor settings are all about the lighting. Bistro lights, lanterns, string lights, paper lanterns, candles, you name it—lights create the ambience of your event. Place lights in various locations where guests are more likely to congregate. Scatter these candles out of reach for extra light and to ward off bugs. Whether hung and strung across the main area, or posted in tiki torches around the perimeter, test the lighting at least one night prior to ensure your party is #lit.

How to make a bbq look great.

Finishing touches

Sprinkle your version of salt bae on your outdoor masterpiece with applicable decor. Featuring  fun decorations is the difference between you being a host for the evening and you being the standout barbe-queen. Potted plants are a go-to outdoor decorative item—check out a favorite tutorial of ours on Easy DIY Potted Herbs with Brown Bags. Seats with patterned pillows liven up the plethora of solid colors happening in a backyard. Fill empty wine bottles with mini fairy lights. Add a touch of red gingham for picnic vibes. String burlap pennants from fence to fence and sit back to enjoy. 

Your barbeque was already tasting phenomenal. Now your backyard’s appearance matches. Because, that’s actually what matters, right?

For more ways to amp up your next barbeque, try these tips:

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