How to Responsibly Have a Dinner Party

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1. Ensure that your guest count is aligned with your local regulations on maximum number of people permitted to gather together.

2. Kindly ask your guests not to bring uninvited/surprise plus-ones with them. Dinner parties already require a lot of planning, but when you add on the concerns & restrictions of COVID-19, it is in everyone’s best interest to keep your guest list tight!

3. Ensure that YOU are feeling well enough to host an event, & that no one in your home is unwell or experiencing any symptoms.

4. Ensure that antibacterial hand soap & disposable paper hand towels are provided & easily accessible in your kitchen & bathrooms. Greeting your guests at the door with a pump of hand sanitizer is also a great plan!

5. If the weather is cooperative & you have the necessary space available, consider hosting your event outdoors. Backyards, verandas, patios & parks are all lovely options for a dinner party during the warmer months of the year and will provide extra fresh air!

6. Ensure that all glassware, silverware & china being used for your event has been recently washed/sanitized.

7. Use different colored glassware for guests so that no one confuses their drinks. Or, you can tie different colored ribbon around the stems of glassware for differentiation.

8. Wear gloves when setting your dinner table to ensure that all glassware, silverware & china are free from germs.

9. Depending on the number of guests attending, consider setting more than one dinner table so that everyone can be spread out.

10. Enjoy your event! Everyone is craving connection & looking forward to the opportunity to socialize. Once your guests arrive, take this time to enjoy their company & the time you have together.

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