How to Serve Outdoor Food Safely

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Outdoor festivities are just fun—and even more so when food is involved. Poolside snacks, a backyard barbecue, and brunch under the oak trees all make for the fondest memories. There’s one problem with outdoor eating… it’s what comes with the outdoors. Imagine scooping a heap of your friend’s gourmet mac-n-cheese to find a fly attempting to wade through the lake of gruyere. Pardon, forgive us for the visual. To  keep this from happening at your next outdoor gathering, here are 4 quick hacks to safely handle party food outside. 

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1. Insulated food cover | 2. Food tray | 3. Reusable ice packs | 4. Cooler | 5. Insulated cooler bags | 6. Food nets | 7. Bamboo tent basket| 8. Skeem Design repellent candles | 9. Citronella candle | 10. Fans

1. Keep hot things hot

Your savory grilled meat is making all your guests’ mouths water, so keep them coming back for more. Give them peace of mind that the meat is stored and kept hot before they go in for seconds or graze throughout the duration of the party. Use an insulated food cover to hold in the heat and sustain all the sizzling flavors. No more leftovers here.

2. Keep cold things cold

There’s also a need for the opposite: refreshing fruits or condiments are a must for a grilled burger (and maybe some ice cream bars) on a warm day. Keep refrigerated items cool without needing to go back and forth into  the house to grab them. A food tray with an ice compartment underneath is sure to keep the kids (and adults of course) happy that their popsicle isn’t a puddle. Once it’s in their hands…that’s on them. 

As for cooling, we love the option of reusable ice packs. They keep hands from coming out of the cooler dripping water, and prevent the eventual melting and soggy mess. Speaking of coolers themselves, while we love a Yeti (and yes, it's worth the investment), we realize you may not want to splurge or have space to store it. Here’s our go-to cooler in that case. If you’re lacking in the space department, use these insulated cooler bags. They may not be the most stylish, but they'll serve as your cooling device when in a pinch.

3. Use a food net

Another way to protect your party’s most valuable asset is by covering it with a mesh net that even the littlest of critters can’t get through. No more swatting away flies and no more surprise protein in your potato salad. Food nets are an easy fix to assure the only additives on your food are those you choose. Don’t pass up this trendy bamboo tent basket. Food modesty doesn’t have to be boring…

4. Repel Undesirables

If uncovering serving trays and bowls seems to be a hassle while serving food, then an alternative is to use repellent candles (yep, it’s a splurge; for a more wallet-friendly option, try this candle) or fans to ward off the nuisances. These tools allow you to leave food exposed—one less thought for the guest who doesn’t have three hands: one to uncover the tray, one to hold the plate, and one to scoop items onto the plate. How convenient!

No need to suffer the headache of upholding your food quality through anymore outdoor parties. Thanks to these life (and party) savers, take back the joy of gathering outside for all your hosting needs.

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