How to Set Up a Bar Arrangement: Fall Edition

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Complete with PSL cocktails

We love a good bar arrangement. Tell us it’s fall-themed and we are so there. Picture harvest time, leaves, warm cozy colors, and a drink garnished with a dried apple slice. Too good to be true? We’re here to guide your process.

1. Linen Foundation

best fall decor

Pick your coziest looking blanket (that you won’t actually want to use for this party) or burlap table runners to set the base for your fall bar. Ensure you can set things steadily on the blanket or linen of choice. Be sure to secure it on the ends of the bar with tablecloth clasps so it doesn’t get tugged off. 

2. Leaves

how to decorate my home for fall

Can’t get to the store in advance? Grab some clippers and forage around your neighborhood (with permission, of course). Or, snag large dry leaves or branches already on the ground that will last for a while.

If you’re foraging, think maple and oak leaves or Japanese maple. If Gingko is in your area, this is another great option (just be aware that Gingko can get stinky). 

If you go the dried route, we love japonica leaves or faux ferns.

3. Vases

best fall vases for autumn decor

The colors, the shapes, the unique handles—we adore vases for your bar scene. Their size adds an element of fullness and completion to your space. Tie a strip of the burlap around the vase’s middle and your vase is fall-ified. Here are a couple vase options to consider:

Distressed rustic // Circle // Boho // Lined ceramic

4. Wine bottles and mason jars

best wine glasses to serve at home

Top off your bar arrangement with decorative mason jars. Adding varying colors and sizes to your bar scene adds a textured element. Fill mason jars (or empty wine bottles) with things like these:

  • Pampas grass
  • Herbs: thyme, sage, or rosemary
  • Dried orange slices 
  • Fall veggies like squash: acorn, spaghetti, pumpkin gourds of any type (mini, preferred;)

Of course, your finishing touch is your cocktail(s) of choice. In the true spirit of fall, we of course suggest a PSL-inspired beverage. Let’s not deny the basic that jumps out of us all at this time of year.

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