How to Set Up a Boozy Brunch Bar

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Bottomless mimosas are in your hands, literally

What could go wrong?

You’re hosting a brunch party and have all the pretty things in place. Your specialty is florals, centerpieces, linens, and homemade croissants—but you’re just a little lost when it comes to getting the bar prepped for brunch. Fret not. Setting up a bar is fun, and add the elements of brunch, mimosas, morning time, and champagne, and your bar is certain to pass the test of approval. After a few mimosas, there’s really no way to go wrong. 

Select your drink options

Here are a few of our brunch favorites:

Mimosas (obviously)

  • ~Champagne or Prosecco 
  • ~Juice of choice (OJ is the most classic of course)

Palomas: For your tequila lovers. 10am is never too early to throw it back…right?

  • ~Tequila
  • ~Juice of choice: grapefruit or orange (Grapefruit is the most classic)

Bloody Mary: Gulp. If you’re really going for it…

  • ~Vodka
  • ~Tomato juice
  • ~Worcestershire sauce
  • ~Black pepper
  • ~Celery salt
  • ~Tabasco
  • ~Lemon juice

Set up your brunch bar

Here is our 5-step process to putting together your best boozy brunch bar.

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: Be sure to set up the bar in a central location so that your guests can easily access it. We don't want your guests to miss your gorgeous display! Or...have to go searching down their next drink ;) 

1. A pretty base for your bar

Whether starting off with a classic linen hemstitch or more flirty chiffon table runner, a lace tablecloth, or gingham swatches of cloth, select the foundation you want to set your glassware and bottles around. Based on the fabric type, arrange it so it has some texture and folds to give your bar a substantial base.

2. Glassware & carafes

Govino stemless wine glass
Tossware champagne flutes
Tossware plastic carafe pitcher

Set the scene with carafes for serving and add plenty of glasses for your guests. Feel free to mix up heights and types of glassware here. Mimosas (or any drinks at brunch) are more fun when guests have different varieties in their hands. So mix it up and continue on.

3. Ice

Make sure you have plenty of ice on hand to keep your drinks cold. Consider whether your brunch party is set up indoors or outdoors (if outdoors, you’ll want to factor in a bit more ice). Don’t forget some cute tongs as well! See our tips for estimating ice amounts here.

4. The liquids 

Stock up on the morning’s drink of choice: including champagne, varieties of juice, perhaps prosecco, and coffee. Go bold and creative with juice options:

  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Pomegranate
  • Pineapple
  • POG (passion orange guava)

5. Top it off

Time for toppings! Garnishes like flowers, custom ice cubes (think orange wedges, flower petals, small berries), and herbs will give your drinks the extra flare. Add jars of fruit or loose apples, pears, or citrus throughout the table runner for a little something more. Does your brunch party have a donut wall? Rim your mimosas with sprinkles to complement the theme. Compliments to the chef, guaranteed.

Boozy brunch bar: complete. Now to get the mimosas poured and the bubbly flowing.

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