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Meet the mind behind Partytrick

We’ve heard of the women, the myths, the legends, the supermoms, the dreamers, and the doers. Here at Partytrick, our founder truly does do it all. She won’t toot her horn, so allow us to do so for her.

Meet Virginia Frischkorn: mother, connector, maker of experiences, and meaningful connections. Did we mention that she runs her schedule like a sergeant, with her day scheduled to the minute? She begins with an early work session (like pre-sunrise early), quickly followed by pilates or running at dawn, and then works past dusk after tucking in her two children. She, of course, factors in plenty of time to play with her kids while navigating the post school activities. When asked what her ideal party is, she responds, “a party for one in my bathtub with lots of bubbles, a sheet mask, and some really relaxing music.” Ah, she can joke as well. Nonetheless, she balances business ownership, entrepreneurship, motherhood, self-care, and her health. Stay tuned for more titles in the works…

Virginia grew up in a family that loved to entertain. Soon after graduating from UVA, she stumbled into a career in event sales and management at The Little Nell in Aspen, CO. It was only a matter of time until she added her own flourish to this career. At the ripe old age of 26, she launched Bluebird Productions, a luxury event planning company. Fast forward a few years, and she launched little sister brands Something Blue by Bluebird and Aspen Picnic CO. You might say she has a thing for getting people together—no matter the budget or occasion. Now for her next venture, a digital platform built to empower hosts: Partytrick.

We sat down with, well, actually we sat down while Virginia talked from her walking desk. Amidst this multitasking at its finest, we gained a bit of insight into her entrepreneurial party-planning mind.

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Q: Tell us about what inspired you to create Partytrick.

For the last 10+ years, I’ve had the honor of planning, designing and producing luxury and ultra-luxury events. While this provided a pretty amazing opportunity to flex my party muscles and create some insane parties, I realized that I wanted to bring my gifts of and skill of bringing people together and creating memorable moments to everyone.  I believe everyone should have access to these types of experiences… so, off I went to develop a ‘trick’ for the masses.

Q: What problem does Partytrick solve?

So many! For the person terrified of hosting, we empower them and give them all the tools they need to be successful. For the intermediate hostess, we provide the tools to level up to rockstar status. In short, we solve the complexity of planning as well as widening accessibility of great events and experiences. 

Q: What are the benefits of using Partytrick?

As humans, a community and a sense of belonging are core needs we all have. Partytrick aims to foster in-person connection with our friends or… the friends we want to have:) Inviting people to gather and feeling like a rockstar while doing so core to our basic needs and we help our hosts do this. Did we mention we save you a ton of time, money, and stress?  
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Q: More into the nitty gritty, what advice do you give about decorating with varying budgets?

Work with what you have! Don’t try to totally transform a space unless the budget allows you to do so completely. I love using candles and alternatives to floral  (or dried floral) when considering elements I use for decor. Whether it be fruit, vegetables, dried flowers, or small objets d’art, think outside the box! 

Q: What has your experience as a mother done to contribute to how you design events for Partytrick?

Kids require a lot of stimulation and question everything. Being a mother has made me design parties with many audiences in mind. It has kept me curious and encourages me to be more playful in planning an event—no matter the audience... Perhaps it’s my age now as well, but I always encourage my friends and myself to take more risks, and this applies to hosting as well. Parties are supposed to be memorable and engaging.

Q: How has being a woman impacted your role as an entrepreneur?  

I’ve found that having a clear but flexible vision as well as having a level of self-awareness are paramount when it comes to being a founder. These are, in my mind, traits where many women excel and allow us to succeed when taking the crazy leaps professionally that entrepreneurship requires.

Q: What is at the core of a gathering to you?

Events are all about creating memorable experiences for yourself and your guests. 

As seen in Virginia’s dynamic lifestyle and lively career trajectory, she has a big vision and she goes after it. We look forward to seeing the thought and fervor that she brings to Partytrick. Now that you know our lead hostess, here’s your invitation to join. Lean into the joy of getting people together — we'll do the rest. 

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