Play Dress Up for Taco Tuesday

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Festive for the fiesta

Give your guests some flair to wear

You’re definitely rocking the food and decor (and margs of course) at your Taco Tuesday nights, but have you ever thought of adding fun attire for your guests to get them even more in the mood? Dressing up to the theme of the party could be that element that you’re missing to make your party the best it can be. A few of our fave add-ons:  

1. Frida Kahlo flower headband

Unibrow, optional. Frida rocked it, maybe you can too. Lay out a few of these on your table for guests to easily add to their outfit without any hassle. Plus, they double as decoration, so it’s okay if some don’t get worn.

2. Sombreros

Sombreros are a classic must-have for Taco Tuesdays. Add on a poncho and then you’re really talking…or most likely, dancing.

3. Day of the Dead face tattoos

These aren’t your typical tattoos for your cheek or arm…they’re the real (dead) deal. Full face. Can’t get more festive than that.

4. Fiesta fun shades

If you foresee that your party guests walking around in those wide-brimmed sombreros might cause some collisions (sure…blame the hats, not the margs), these miniature sombrero sunglasses are the perfect alternative. Or will they blind your guests further? Who’s to say. What happens at Taco Tuesday…

5. Taco Tuesday socks

If your party is indoors (and you want to slyly encourage guests to remove shoes in your home), have your guests take their shoes off and get comfy in some Taco Tuesday socks.

There you have it. Fiesta complete with festive accessories. The chips and salsa will taste that much better when you salsa around in festive outfits. 

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