Pregnancy-Safe Recipes to Serve at a Baby Shower

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Baby shower foods sure to please

Bite-sized goodness for mom-to-be

Aches, pains, nausea, swelling, the list goes on— all are worth it to celebrate a baby shower (oh, and the baby too)! Help your mom-to-be forget about the struggles of pregnancy with an unforgettable shower. If you’re planning a party at home to celebrate the baby on the way, how can you make it unforgettable? With the one thing she’s constantly thinking about…food.

Your growing mama obviously has some restrictions in this department, so we’re reviewing the safest foods to serve in order to satisfy both her and the guests is going to be key. Here’s what you should, and shouldn’t include at the baby shower food table. Party planning guide, baby shower specific: Look no further.

Stay away from:

  • Deli meats, hot dogs, salami, and smoked fish
  • Raw fish, shellfish, meat, or eggs: Pregnant women have an increased risk of contracting bacterial food poisoning from these
  • Cooked fish high in mercury; i.e. swordfish, mackerel, marlin, ahi that could harm a growing baby’s nervous system
  • Unpasteurized cheeses, milk, or juices that can cause foodborne illness in pregnant women
  • High amounts of caffeine as a precaution because the effects on babies aren’t clear 
  • Alcohol because it can lead to a higher chance of miscarriage and stillbirth 

Pregnancy-approved recipes guaranteed to please 

For finger foods, safe and easy choices are a hit. 

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Personalized Yogurt Parfait Cups

A light choice easy for guests to grab.  

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pregnancy-safe foods

Tomato Tarts 

Explosive in flavor and simple to make, plus they look fancy and taste great.

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baby shower recipes


All things bite-sized 

Chicken & Waffles

A bit of chicken sandwiched between the cutest mini Belgian waffles. Honestly, we can’t think of anything better.

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anti baby shower recipes

Sweet Potato Bites

This tasty, guilt-free appetizer is one you’ll want to get your hands on…it goes quick.

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baby shower recipes

Cranberry Brie Bites

This warm fluffy pastry doesn’t take being pregnant to indulge in. Plus: The brie cheese is heated up enough in the baking process to kill off any bacteria. 

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apps to cook for baby shower

GF Guac + Chips

Sure to leave a cleared plate with this individualized spin on a classic appetizer.

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baby shower recipes

Sweets that take the cake 

Confetti Oreos

Deliciously cute with a pop of the blue or pink color.   

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baby shower cookie recipes

Rose Frosted Sugar Cookies

An elegant sweet treat for your classy guests.

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anti baby shower recipes

Let your celebrated future mother enjoy her baby shower with these bites sure to satisfy. Disclaimer: Your guests may hound you for the recipes… compliments to the chef! You’ve done it again. 

Prep award-worthy baby shower bites: Check! 

For games that your shower guests will actually want to play…check these out: Anti-Baby Shower Games

Try these recipes out with the Safari Shower. Disclaimer: Things may get wild.

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