Style Your Tablescape with Cactus

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Spike up your centerpiece with cactus plants

…and spike your margarita while you’re at it

Looking for a surefire way to keep guests from messing with your tablescape? Kidding, but kinda not. This plant species is one you don’t want to mess with. Our latest centerpiece thrill is using cactus plants (cacti, if you will). Not only do they add an element of Southwest flair to your table, but they're also low maintenance and easy to care for. Think about using cactus to set your next tablescape for Taco Tuesday, a summer gathering, or any outdoor bbq. Here’s how to get started.

What to shop for:

  1. Head to your local nursery. 
  2. Choose a variety of cacti with different shapes and sizes. This will add interesting elements to your arrangement. Pick 20-30 mini plants for your table.
  3. Pick out Terracotta vessels or plain white pots to house the cacti.

How to create a cactus centerpiece:

  1. Trim the spines off the cacti before placing them in the arrangement, if the nursery didn’t. This will make them safer to handle and less prickly.
  2. Group pots in clusters down the center of your table. Mix up shapes, sizes, and vary cacti with succulents.
  3. Use stones or other decorative elements to accent the arrangement.
  4. Add votives and brightly colored candles. You know your Southwestern theme can never be too colorful.
  5. Throw in some festive plates and napkins and pour yourself a margarita. 
  6. Gift the plants to guests at the end of the night—or keep in your home to reuse over and over.

The best party of these? Cactus tablescapes are something you can keep and use again and again… because Taco Tuesday is better when it happens over and over. Can you tell we just want Taco Tuesday to keep happening? Bottomless tacos, yes please.

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