Tips For Storing & Organizing Party Hosting Supplies

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How to sort and store decor: Post-party planning

Party’s over…

…And it’s time to clean up (boo). So where do all the holiday decorations and supplies you spent time foraging for months ago go now? How do you remove sorting seasonal decor from next year's party planning checklist? What about untangling the string lights—is that ever coming into season? How do you organize decorations so you can find them next year? This is why you need a system. A wise man once said:

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.”

(Thanks Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson. We have goals of poetry in the new year, ok?) 

  • Your goal: Hosting the most aesthetic event for every theme
  • The road: Finding supplies and the right decorations from wherever they’ve been hiding in your home for the past year (or more)

A system for storing and organizing your party supplies will ease the burden of the setup and tear down. Here’s how to do it.

What you need:

It’s helpful to sort through your items prior to buying your organizational goods. This way, you can better ballpark how many large tubs you’ll be needing.

  • ~ This brand offers multiple sizes of the same style, so they stack easily and hold up for years

Pro Tip: Try to get the same size and brand OR the same brand and style that stack easily! You’ll thank us later. 

  • Small baskets: For items that may need to be accessed regularly

How to organize decor

1. Sort supplies by theme if you have items specific to certain events.

  • i.e. Holiday, disco, halloween, sushi—if you got really into our Sushi Night

2. Sort other supplies based on colors (this is oh so satisfying).

  • i.e. All blue balloons, streamers, and napkins etc in one tub

3. Sort supplies that will be used throughout the year into smaller baskets.

  • i.e. Items like utensils, champagne flutes, carafes, or versatile tablecloths (your neutral colored ones)
  • These baskets are easier to haul out and put back in place.
  • Separate these so you can snag them with ease all year round.

4. Group supplies into containers as you see fit.

5. Before stacking, think seasonally.

  • If it’s about to be the New Year, make that tub easily accessible at the top of the stack. Place your Valentine’s tub below it, then St. Patrick’s day.
  • When it’s time to put the New Year’s beads and glitter away, put the New Year’s box at the bottom of the stack. This way, you’re always ready for next season’s supplies at the top. 

6. Label the containers by season or color.

  • Labeling by color is only necessary if not obvious.
  • If it helps you to label with more description, add details i.e. "streamers, table decor, backdrops," etc.

7. Store the bins together and stow them away.

  • Dedicate a party supply section in part of your garage, guest bedroom closet, or linen closet.
how to organize storage

Everyone’s brain works a little differently, so if you find a categorization technique that feels better for you, fire away. The key is to get your party supplies out of random junk drawers and into tubs you can count on. A one stop shop for all your needs will be the difference between two major meltdowns (one for setup and one for clean up) and none. Happiest of sorting to you

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