Top 5 Party Planning Hacks

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Plan the party you can enjoy too

Imagine that - relaxing at your own party.

Planning your best get-together doesn't need to mean a migraine, sleepless nights and that extra glass of wine each time  (though go ahead and just pour the glass). Our team of professionals has eons of parties under our belts and has carefully curated the top 5 things we know make your job as hostess easier. Read on to simplify your life. Which inherently makes your guest's experience better. And yours, too.

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1. Pre-plan RE-PLAN

While being spontaneous can be fun, we (strongly) suggest pre-planning when hosting a party. You’ll be a much more relaxed host if you know you’ve dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s! Check out our planning checklists to do exactly this. If you're a last-minute planner and the thought of a checklist ahead of time disgusts you, we've got one in there for you too. Give it a shot.

2. Read through recipes

Read through all your recipes and instructions so that you’re not surprised on the day-of your party! It may sound simple, but just taking that quick glimpse through your recipes beforehand really does give you the extra prep you need.

3. Check your dishwasher

Always start your party with an empty dishwasher. It’ll make cleanup a breeze! Really though - those 5 minutes unloading prior to the party will give your post-party self the biggest hug after. And you deserve that hug.

4. Utilize alarms

For quick reminders, use the alarm feature on your phone! Keep yourself on schedule with alarms like “chill wine” and “guest arrival”. Some of our favorites:

  • Preheat oven
  • Put dip in oven
  • Take dip out of oven
  • Drinks on ice
  • Take out trash
  • Fresh towels
  • Dance break (most importantly)

5. Become a Partytrick member! 

Partytrick is the ultimate party hack because we give you all the scoop on how to be the best host :) You didn't hear it from us (or maybe you did) but you're in the right spot to get any and all party planning hacks. May your future parties be ones to remember.

With that, we'll hand the baton off to you. Parties were meant to be fun (you know that) so use this guide as a way to make yours that way. Bookmark this page the next time you feel yourself stressing over hosting. Or for when your mom calls you the day before hosting Thanksgiving. You're welcome.

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