Why Themed Parties are Easier to Plan

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Make planning your next party a breeze

From Alice in Wonderland to Halloween Scaries...give it a go

You may not even realize it, but you’ve been throwing themed parties since you were knee-high and having Barbie birthdays. And you know why your parents were always so quick to get on board? Because themed parties are so much easier to plan! Just consider the Taco Tuesday dinners you put together for your own family as an adult. It’s something everyone looks forward to and takes the burden off of you to be Julia Child every night.

Sometimes planning a get-together from scratch can feel stressful and intimidating, but when you’ve got a theme, the creative spirit takes over. They are the perfect way to encourage fun and experimentation at your party and guarantee a night your guests will always remember.

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Reasons to plan a party with a theme

1. Guides easy decisions

Rather than having every party idea ever to choose from, you’ve got a neat little box to plan in.

2. Acts as a springboard for ideas

If you’re feeling completely stuck creatively, a theme kicks off your planning. It’ll point you in one direction, and then you’re off to the races!

3. Simplifies choosing party essentials

It’s easy to yay or nay potential decorations, menus, and party activities based on your chosen theme.

4. Gives guests a sneak peek

A theme provides everyone with a sense of what to expect and how to dress—which can otherwise be a source of anxiety for guests.

5. Adds a spark to your planning

Planning your party with a theme gives you an opportunity to design a party around something you might be passionate about. Planning something that excites you is great motivation to host.

6. Shares your personality

Your theme might actually give your guests a fun new way to get to know you. Even your best friend or your siblings could be surprised to learn you’re really into French culture or floral arranging.

So the next time you're feeling eager to host—or perhaps not to eager, but have a birthday party to plan—think about something that lights you up. How could you incorporate that for costumes? How would it guide your decor situation? What new element could it bring for your guests? With that... you just may be convinced to host your party, themed edition.

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