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Our top ideas to find meaning in the ordinary

Sit down & stay awhile

Connection is what drives every aspect of what we do. Is that humankind we're talking about, or the Partytrick team? Well, both technically. As people, we thrive when we feel known, seen, and heard. As our company name mentions, we love a party and all that it entails. What truly motivates us though, is the heart of gathering together to foster that human connection. To do this, we don't always need a party.

Sometimes we just need a little something out of the ordinary to take note of the moment we are in.

When a full-blown party isn't what's calling your name, we've put together 10 ideas below for you to embrace the moment that you have. Let's celebrate now.

1. Have an upside down dinner

Did someone in your house have a downer of a day? Treat the family to an “upside down” dinner and eat UNDER the table. Bring in some battery-operated candles, (so that you don’t set the tablecloth on fire!), and eat together picnic-style in your own secret, safe space hidden away from the outside world. We promise, everyone feels better after an upside down dinner. And if you’ve got time, you can even make an on-theme upside down cake.

2. Be an explorer

Take a walk through a new neighborhood and open your eyes wide. Read that again: What do you notice when you actually walk around with eyes wide open, ready to notice and appreciate? Queue up some quality tunes and snap portraits of anything that catches your eye – a funny bumper sticker, an elegant grandmother crossing the street, a flowering tree…When you get home, put the photos together in an email and share your discoveries (and your day!) with someone you’ve missed seeing in person. A modern day Lewis and Clark, if you will.

3. Be an armchair traveler

One thing that will always and forever feel amazing is opening the mailbox and seeing a piece of handwritten mail – not a bill, not a coupon flyer, but real, honest-to goodness snail mail that someone wrote specifically to you. There’s a great organization called Postcrossing that matches you with strangers all over the world to exchange postcards! It's like Flat Stanley... right? (It's not, but may our 90s kids appreciate that).

4. Get glammed up

Whether you want to head out or stay in, soak up the pleasure that it is to go through your favorite beauty regime. If it's not lipstick and a contour for you, soak up a facemask and throw in a hair mask while you're at it. Put on your favorite dress and pop the champagne (or pour yourself a Shirley Temple or one of our favorite mocktails). Break out the fancy crystal and toast to the fact that you put forth the effort to appreciate today. And that's worth celebrating.

5. Swing your partner, do-si-do

Order some glow sticks and have a backyard rave with your neighbors. 80s rock more your vibe? Plenty of that, rockstar wigs optional. Or put on some romantic tunes, pull down the shades, and slow dance with your partner. Dance party for one? Sometimes those are the very best kind.

6. Start a culture club

Pick out a book, podcast, or a show to enjoy together with family or friends over the course of a few weeks or longer. Set aside a specific time each week to huddle up together at home (or on FaceTime / Zoom with your friends afar), heat up some popcorn, and enjoy! Set up popcorn bar, anyone? 

7. Throw a party for a stranger

The elderly community loves community, even if their personal networks aren't as expansive as previous decades. Call a local nursing home and find out if there’s something special you can do for anyone having a particularly rough time. Pick out a board or card game and set up a date. If funky is more your vibe for this, bring decorations, signs, greeting cards, and a few friends (or as many as you can gather) and cheer on your new elder friend from outside their window.

8. Celebrate a silly holiday

This holiday calendar is full of (completely justifiable) excuses to put on a party hat. Did you know there are actually entire 24-hour periods dedicated to be National Fajita Day AND National Ice Cream Pie Day? I mean...if you're wanting to spice up fajita day, we have what you need. For the purpose of celebrating now though, feel good about just getting out to order those fajitas or ice cream. Double scoop in a waffle cone, yes please.

9. Use your senses

One of the best tricks to savoring the present is to create a rich sensory experience. We recommend:

  • Walking barefoot in the grass
  • Taking a scented bubble bath
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Eating a favorite food
  • Reading a good book
ideas to feel good

10. Give thanks

Really, what each of these ideas is suggesting is to connect—to yourself and to one another. There are plenty of ways to celebrate right now, and it’s more important than ever that you do take the time to recognize all the many reasons you have to be thankful. Write a few down. Try it again tomorrow. And the next day. See how your perspective shifts.

So pick one. Pick three. Just think: If you tried one of these a week, where would you be 10 weeks from now? You won't know... if you don't try.

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