DIY Wine Cork Wreath

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Deck the door* with boughs of wine corks

Easy holiday decor for your home

If you’re one of those who have been saving all those wine corks to do something with, well, the moment has finally arrived. Time to be environmentally friendly by combining your two favorite things: wine and Christmas. Give your abode a modern splash with this DIY wreath so unique, your guests are sure to be jealous.

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Supplies Needed:

  • ~200-250 wine corks; Yes we know, maybe a lot more than you have saved, but no need to go downing a bunch of wine just for this project (would we be opposed… well, which list would you like to be on this year?) Think of asking friends or a local winery if they have extras they’re willing to give. Note: Corks must be from wine—sparkling wine corks don’t work as well.
  • 18’’ straw wreath base
  • Glue gun and hot glue
  • Small wire
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Wired holiday ribbon
  • Optional: box of toothpicks 
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Let’s craft a wreath

  1. Grab your wreath base and wrap the burlap ribbon around it entirely, looping through the center of the wreath. Secure ribbon to wreath base with hot glue. Let it completely dry. Throw on some holiday jingles and dance while it dries. Or check out the other holiday DIY decor below.
  2. Glue corks one at a time from one end to another, circling around the wreath base. However, don’t glue corks on the back of the wreath, which helps keep it even and stable when sitting against a wall or hanging on a door. Be sure to hold corks securely in place while they dry, or use toothpicks to do so.
  3. Repeat this process with the next circle. Stagger lines of cork from the previous. 
  4. Cut corks diagonally that stick out, which would prevent the wreath from laying flat against the wall.
  5. Fill in any gaps with the diagonally sliced corks or half corks. 
  6. To add some flare, weave in a festive ribbon using the wire, or use the wired ribbon itself. 
  7. Hang on your door. Display on your holiday mantel. Set on an entry table with garland to welcome visitors in. Have yourself a merry little holiday.

What we love about DIY–it’s impossible to duplicate exactly, so each masterpiece will have its own personal touch. Okay, now go crack open a bottle of wine to start saving corks. For more Christmas DIY’s, check these out:

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