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Hospitality: An art that can be mastered 

The clean is in the details

Having guests over is a joy, but the list of things to clean doesn't always feel that way. Which is why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of how to clean your home when you want to host guests. Let us guide you through cleaning your space in a simple, efficient way. No need to go complete Monica Geller here, but you can hit the important parts for a gleaming home.

Pro Tip: Turn up your current playlist to get you movin' and even dancing your way around cleaning your home.

Add each of these spots to your party planning checklist for the next time you have guests drop by.

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1. Entryway

Don't judge a book by its cover. Looks are deceiving. We say not to do these things... but let's let your guests do so with your entryway.

how to clean when having guests over
  • Smooth the clutter. The shoes lining the welcome area do have a home elsewhere (the closet). If it's a jacket stashed over a chair or a purse just needing to be hung up, putting them away makes all the difference. 
  • Pat down your entry mat to rid it of what shoes carry in.
  • Check the lighting. Pending the time and theme of your gathering, try dimming the lights. Light a scented candle near the door. 
  • Add a houseplant for a brightener. If she's a fiddle fig, name her Farrah and call it a day.

2. Bathroom

So your guests feel like they can actually relieve themselves here. An absolute must—and it doesn't actually require much time. 

top tips for cleaning your home for guests
  • Scrub the toilet bowl, sink, countertops, and tub or shower. Pick a spray with an herbal scent to keep the scent fresh all day. We love Mrs. Meyers.
  • Stock with towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. Poo-pourri too, for added safety. Set additional toilet paper rolls in sight.
  • Wipe down the mirror with your favorite streak-free cleaner. Then give a confident salute to  the host looking back at you. (Hint: It’s you).

Pro Tip: Set little things like mouthwash, q-tips, or floss in small bowls as thoughtful additions for when your guests want to freshen up.

3. Kitchen

Try as you might to fluff your pillows on the sofa and prime the dining table...the kitchen is simply where the people will congregate. As the host, you of course always get to direct guests to where you want to gather. But best to be prepared regardless ;)

how to quickly clean your kitchen
  • Clean all countertops including the kitchen sink and the refrigerator door. 
  • Take out the trash. 
  • Wipe down the stove—you don't notice it's messy until the crumbles are gone. 

Pro Tip: To absorb any lingering food odors, leave a bowl of white vinegar or baking soda on the counter the night before hosting.

4. Guest Room(s)

These may not be spaces of congregating, but on the chance your guests want to see more of your space, need a moment to themselves, or go looking for a vacant restroom, you'll be glad you gave them some time.

most important parts to clean before hosting
  • Pick up dirty laundry. Those socks may become invisible to you after a few days...but your guests can see them. 
  • Smooth bedcovers and freshen pillows.
  • When in doubt, stow it in the closet. Your guests shouldn't be opening your closets. If they are, well, then you can talk about any unfolded laundry you didn't get to.

5. Floors (sure, they’re a space too)

We're putting our foot down—this is the final one.

party planning checklist
  • Vacuum carpets in common spaces. The satisfaction here is unmatched. 
  • Sweep or swiffer non-carpeted spaces. Or if you have a Roomba resident, fire that robot up.
  • Give the floor a thorough last look to check for any food crumbs or dirt from pets.

When you break cleaning down into numbered lists and bullet points, we hope it becomes that much easier to tackle. Did we warn you that your guests may want to come back time and again? Everyone loves spending time in a warm, welcoming home. So, you're welcome... and your guests will feel welcome.

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