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Add these to prettify your cocktail

Sometimes the best things come in small packages; and, sometimes that best thing goes in a cocktail glass. That’s right, we’re talking about festive cocktail accessories. We suggest you think about incorporating these in your next parties to add a little extra flair. 

1. Mixing sticks aka swizzle sticks 

We love a little accessory for your glassware. Depending on what cocktails or mocktails you’re mixing, consider cute swizzle sticks for a little social media worthy pop. 

2. Versatile tooth picks

Whether there is taco seasoning stuck in your guests’ teeth or a community bowl of finger food that you don’t want everyone’s hands dipping into, frilly picks are a great solution. Picking your teeth doesn’t have to be boring (or quite as gross) with these festive picks.

3. Coasters 

Let’s not forget what goes underneath the drink; especially for those who hate condensation rings on their table. Matching coasters to the theme of your party show guests you go above and beyond (and below drinks) when hosting them. 

4. Custom ice cubes

Oh yes, these are forever a Partytrick favorite. Fill your fiesta ice cubes with flowers, cacti pieces, cilantro, or jalapeno slices to spice things up. Let no margarita go untouched. For St. Patty's Day, throw in herbs or mini leprechauns if you're feeling lucky. See how to do this simple DIY here.

5. Shamrock Cocktail Picks

St. Patrick's Day drinks: Complete. Get these picks.

Drinking buddies: St. Patty's Day edition.

decorations for st. patricks day

6. Mini beer ponchos

We don’t know if things get cuter than this. Keep your cerveza warm—we mean cool—with these colorful ponchos. More of a tequila crowd than beer crew? These work on tequila bottles too. Top your water bottles with them. Throw them over the Tabasco sauce. Everything looks better with a mini poncho on it. 

Taco Tuesday wouldn’t be Tuesday (or Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday…) without margaritas and ice cold Corona to pair with the food. Accessories make the drinks (and the night) that much more fun. So dress up your drinks, so they can have fun too. For more fiesta ideas, complete your Taco Tuesday night here:

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