Where To Hide Your Gnomes This Holiday Season

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Did we gnome that they’re big right now?

Competing for your Elf on the Shelf's position...

The holidays are well upon us. Homes are decorated and the get-togethers have officially begun. We've heard this year, in order to be on the nice list, placing gnomes around the house is a must. We were told it will make Santa happy, and when Santa is happy we have gnome problem ;) 

Ideas To Decorate With Gnomes

Here are our favorite spots where we suggest placing gnomes around your house this holiday season. Just don't upset your Elf on the Shelf... or maybe spark a little holiday excitement.

  • Front Door: Pair with a little snowman and twinkle lights to greet every guest (and Amazon delivery)
  • Mantel: Sit gnomes next to stockings hung over the fire; You’ll have a fireside buddy at all times 
  • ~How To Decorate A Holiday Mantel
  • Windowsill: Perch gnomes here to be visible for all your neighbors
  • Christmas Tree: Keep your eyes out for gnome ornaments to hang on your tree—they add just the right amount of personality for 2022
  • Dining Room Table: Complete your seasonal tablescape with an extra touch of festive cheer 
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  • ~How To Arrange Holiday Florals
  • Garden: If you have space outdoors, place gnomes on your garden boxes… so they can be in their true element
  • For The Little Ones: Where throughout your house would the tiny humans giggle over finding a gnome? E.g. nightstand, bookshelf, hugging a teddy bear

Imagine The Interactions

The holiday season means nostalgia for all. Here is what gets us excited—think of how much your guests will enjoy and cherish the gnomes they happen upon throughout your home. What we envision:

  • Grandma wandering throughout your home. She’ll notice the little gnome sitting on the mantel and remember her lifesize collection of nutcrackers. Get ready for decades of her decor stories!
  • Picture the look of pure glee when your four-year-old nephew sees Little Mr. Gnome sitting on his nightstand. Or riding a tractor. Giggles for days.
  • Imagine you find a vintage set of gnomes at the thrift store (talk about hip and trendy). This will pair perfectly with the family decor that’s been passed down for generations. 
  • Any visitor who encounters your front door to find a gnome peeking out from your wreath. Your front porch will be the talk of the North Pole, that’s for sure. 

Who would have gnome that this holiday season, we would be hiding whimsical little characters around our homes? We can only imagine what future decor trends will ensue. But for now, we’re jumping head-on into the mystical world of gnomes. It will be a holly jolly season with a house full of family and gnomes.

Where To Buy Gnomes

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