Top 5 Things You Need to Have When Hosting

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All you need: Hosting Essentials

It’s here: Your list of essentials that you can go back to time and time again for all your hosting needs. Amidst the plates of life that you’re spinning, hosting doesn’t need to be a stressor - imagine if you could do it with ease and fluidity. And we promise, you don’t need to live in a fairytale for this to happen. Our expert tips for what to have when entertaining at home.

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1. Food

  • We always keep a few bags of nuts and dried fruit in our pantry to put out in small bowls when people come over.
  • Our Favorite Easy No Cook Appetizers: No heat, no problem. But you’ll be bringing the heat when it comes to flavor.
  • Did Someone Say Charcuterie Board?: Juuuust in case you need some inspo. Was a charcuterie board ever left untouched… or rather, with any remains?
  • Our 8 Fav Slow-Cooker Recipes: Because pulled pork nachos that simmer all day make any hosting moment even better.
  • Game Night Recipes: Pairs well with a night of Scattergories, Cards Against Humanity, and Jenga. But really, goat cheese poppers and vodka popsicles jive with any gathering.

2. Items you can use over and over again

These are our go-to products that are hosting essentials.

  • Entertaining Essentials List: From the vase collection to the tongs, this list has it. These are the specific items we recommend to cover your tabletop for all food and drink hosting needs.
  • Top Sources to Find Party Supplies: Feeling like you want to shop around a bit, but need some guidance?  Find our fav brands and recs for party hosting needs - from disposable dinnerware to conversation starter games (and pretty plateware and linens in between).

3. Beverages

Your guests may not always want a cocktail! We like to keep a few NA options on hand so that people have other options besides water or wine.

4. Music

Queue up a few of your favorite playlists on Spotify so you aren’t searching for music each time people are over. Wish you had a go-to party playlist?

Partytrick on Spotify

5. A Small “Special” Touch

We love something small - hand towels in the restroom, a custom menu, handwritten place cards, candle placement, a small take-home item… something that shows you gave thought and attention to your guests and their experience.

BONUS: Confidence

We’ve got you covered. From design to details to how to execute, setting up a party in Partytrick will make sure you don't miss a thing. Our goal at Partytrick is to take your hosting from good to extravagant - while looking effortless.

Party Checklist

Click to download: Printable Hosting Supply Checklist

  • Pre-Party Timeline: What to do, when to do it. (Now remind yourself why you’re doing it.)

A few extra hosting hacks to add to your toolbelt:

  • People like to help! Don’t be afraid to delegate small tasks to your guests (i.e. open a bottle of wine, arrange items on a plate, etc.)
Psst: Tips for When Guests Arrive to the Party Early
  • Invest in a set of cloth napkins or cocktail napkins to set out when people come! It’s an easy way to elevate a casual visit (and better for the environment, too)!
  • We love ordering takeout from our favorite spot and putting it on fancy plates to feel a bit more special. There’s no need to feel like you need to cook a 3-course dinner for your guests each time.
take-out food and pretty cocktail drinks at home
We even put it all together here for you: Turn It Into a Take-Out Party
  • No flowers? No problem. Lighting a few candles is our favorite way to set the ambiance without an elaborate tablescape or big flower arrangements.

Hosting can be fun. Gathering your people together for moments with food and conversation is a favorite pastime of ours - and we truly want to make it easier for you. Less stress, more enjoyment.

Looking to plan something? Set up your next party with Partytrick. From Italian-inspired Alfresco Dinner to High Tea to Dad Bod BBQ… we’d guess there’s something for you.

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